Can Doubting in a Relationship be Ever Justified?

Doubts appear in the relationship when the initial high of falling in love is finally infiltrated by the truth that none of the partners had ever hoped for. No two people are ever the same, and the differences give birth to all the doubts. But, in many cases, doubt can indicate that the couple is positively progressing to the next stage of commitment where differences are worked on, and both grow together towards the future.

Why do individuals doubt their loved ones?

  • Doubt is a completely normal response to any change
  • Some doubts are simply a response to stress 
  • Doubt can be born to hide the existing fears, especially the fear of intimacy 
  • Doubts can also be a form of sabotage
  • Doubts can be hampered by the hangovers or negativity from past experiences
  • Doubt about the partner can also be a result of the own doubts about yourself, based on behaviors and insecurities
  • Doubts might even be induced from your own feelings about yourself that you are putting onto your partnerBut, often doubt isn’t the problem in the relations; it’s purely the lack of communication that tends to be the real issue.

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  • Ways to deal with such insecurities and doubts are:
  • The best and the most recommended option is to sort out by mutual understanding and open communication.
  • Journalling can often help as freely writing about your own doubts can often help you see where they really come from (especially if it is due to the last relationship) and resort it.
  • Be careful about talking over your doubts too openly with the wrong people as it would not only escalate the problem but drift you away from your partner
  • Balance your doubts and negatives with an equal focus on what is working and is positivityHow can you point out the difference between healthy doubts and red flag doubts in your relationship? Healthy doubts tend to be assumptions about the relationship itself. Whether it’s working, whether it’s the right one for you, whether you both want the same future.
  • Use spyware to clear all the doubts.

    Relationships are very delicate, and it’s best to keep them safe and far away from any kind of doubts or insecurities.

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