An interview with cash expert Christian Lindner from eh2 gmbh

  1. Who are the company founders / Who came up with the idea for the concept?

The two current managing directors Arnim Humbert and Tom Eicher founded eh2 gmbh in 2012 together with Rüdiger Hartmann. Prior to that, both had leading positions in the IT department of Burger King and there, their central system for payment processing, ordering and returns, were significantly built up and developed. The combination of the know-how of the software architect Tom Eicher and the wealth of experience in the areas of business intelligence, process management, personnel systems and POS management from Arnim Humbert, who was previously responsible for the entire Burger King IT in Europe for 10 years the development of our own, future-oriented cash register system is logical.

2. What is special about your company?

We are a small, but therefore very agile company that can implement customer requests much faster than large POS system manufacturers that have been established for decades. We want to maintain this flexibility as we grow and never forget where and how we started. This also means that every customer with us has a personal contact. A trusting partnership with our customers is the basis of our business success.

3. What is special about your product?

We made a conscious decision to start development with our central system and to incorporate all the know-how of the company founders there. It was clear from the start that the end result would be more than a simple cash register in the front end. The IMPALA netPOS should cover the needs of a host or baker just as well as those of a global company like Burger King, and at the same time be significantly cheaper than traditional PC tills. Thanks to our consistently centralized approach and after we realized that classic POS hardware is no longer ahead of modern tablet devices, we were also able to implement our plans for mobile and seasonal activities and thus cover a very wide range of needs.

4. Were there dry spells on the way to a successful business?

The first customers are always the hardest to get customers. But there was never a long dry spell, because in the end we have a good product, a motivated team and the timing for our IMPALA netPOS is good. As of 2016, the statutory provisions defined as principles for data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU for short or now GoBD) will apply. Many needed and still need a new till.

5. What role do topics such as environment, bio and sustainability play for you?

For each of us, whether professionally or privately, these issues should play a role. With regard to our cash register system, it should perhaps be emphasized in this context that with our type of data storage, mirrored in the two largest German data centers, there is no longer any need to print out or store documents for financial accounting. Depending on the size of the company, this saves a few trees of paper a year and of course energy and living space.

6. How do you feel about the internet, cell phones and social networks?

All of our business is based on these technologies. Our cash registers communicate over the Internet with the central system in order to make real-time evaluations possible. But also marquee functions such as paying the waitresses against a previously loaded credit in order to finally be able to get rid of paper stamps, chips and the like and to accelerate the processes at the bar, are only possible with an internet connection. The IMPALA netPOS should be both, classic enough for the experienced saleswoman and open to the zeitgeist. Anyone who needs a connection to a web service or social networks for their business is in good hands with us, as are entrepreneurs who tend to pursue more conservative strategies when it comes to cash registers.

7. What does quality mean to you?

A widespread definition of the term quality is the degree of agreement between the requirements or expectations of a product and its properties. Always meeting or even exceeding the expectations and demands of our customers on a pos systems prices is our quality standard for ourselves.

8. Do you have a motto?

I have made our company philosophy my motto. It reads: No bullshit! This is how I want to deal with my environment professionally and privately; honest, reliable, direct and without unnecessary glare.

9. What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

To make our festival tent cashier public among the German festival hosts in the shortest possible time. It’s already August and the season is already drawing to a close. We would be happy if we could equip one or two beer tents after the fair in Hof and it would be worthwhile to develop the system further in this direction. At the moment we are working, for example, with barcodes on the name badge and hand scanners on the control, but if we get a response, we want to use RFID chips in the next step and implement further ideas.

10. What would you do differently if you could make important decisions again?

For a change, a short answer: nothing Even the things we did wrong were important to get us to where we are now.

11. What are your goals for the next 5 – 10 years?

We want to establish ourselves as a constant in the market and become better known. It is more important to us to constantly invest in our product than in expensive advertising. Even if that may take longer, we are already on the right track.

12. What has a good party for you?

A good party always needs an atmosphere in which the guest can feel comfortable. If everything really fits, the guest does not even notice how much work there is in everything, because the host can also fulfill his role with joy. We would like to help, in every marquee of any size, wherever you like to party.

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