An Overview of Proxy Servers and Their Main Functions

In case you have never dealt with proxy servers, it won’t take you long to understand the basics. A proxy server is a helpful tool for Internet users because it masks one’s IP address and adds another layer of protection to the user’s data. 

How does it work?

The process is very simple. When a user wants to access a website, they either use a search engine or type the site’s address. However, this request goes to the proxy server first. This server performs the inquiry, retrieves the data, and sends it to the user’s device. The website won’t see the user’s IP address because, technically, the server with another IP accessed it. 

Why do users need it?

One of the ways to benefit from this IP change is to access websites that are limited by a region. For instance, when a user wants to use some Australian websites while living in Europe, they need to buy an Australia proxy

Proxy servers also encrypt data to increase anonymity. Depending on the anonymity levels, the server either replaces the IP or hides it completely. However, there are transparent proxies that do not shield the IP address at all. So, keep that in mind when buying services. 

Using proxies, users may browse social media websitessafely and fast. It’s highly unlikely someone will steal passwords to them when a user adds such services. 

How to choose a service provider?

Choosing the best provider among numerous free and paid options, one should choose the most reliable and reputable company that delivers the wanted features. Remember that free proxies still need to maintain their servers. How do they get money for it? Some do it the obvious way by making users watch ads in exchange for the services. Premium plans generally deliver better security. 

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