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One of the most important lessons that these out of town road trips have taught to explorers is that you can’t underestimate a good mobile map app. Indeed, some navigation apps bring about the ideal result when you have a reliable internet connection. Yet, consistent connectivity is an assurance when you are trekking down the road that is less traveled.

Map applications are becoming necessary for those who are hungry to explore the world and its breathtaking sights. For some, these applications have become essential. While there have been many mobile map applications available on the internet today, we are going to cite the benefits and how functions, as well as a guide on how to navigate this app.

What Is This Application? is a map application for iOS, BlackBerry, and Android that provides its users an offline map using the OpenStreetMap data. It used to be known as MapsWithMe. In November 2014, it was picked up by the Mail.Ru Group and turned into a part of its line. In September 2015, the application was publicly released.

The Zurich based MapsWithMe GmbH created the first application by its office in Minsk. However, in November 2014, was acquired by the Mail.Ru to be merged with their line. The app was then created to be free of charge, and its engineering team was then transferred to the Mail.Ru’s office in Moscow.

What Are Its Functions?

The application utilizes a restrictive information compression strategy created by the company’s engineers that guarantees quick operation and low memory utilization. Here are a few of the functions of this application:

  • Option to Add and Edit OSM-POIs
  • Able to Determine user location with the use of device GPS
  • Offline location search
  • Adding bookmarks to different area and location
  • Share bookmarks and locations with friends
  • Import tracks and bookmarks in KML format
  • Traffic receiver (only works online)
  • Ability to get map directions to a particular location even when offline

Downloading Maps

In case you’re getting ready to make a trip to a place with no internet or lesser connection, hit the “Download Maps” button on the application, and you can add the area in question for an offline collection on the app. You’ll get completely working maps, even with no data or WiFi. 

If you are wondering about the amount of storage you need  on your smartphone, or if you are worrying about “how much ram do I need to use this application”, you should know that you don’t need to have the most high-end specs. The main thing you’ll need is only the GPS of your smartphone. It’s an extraordinary device for the time you’re either out of data or in a place where there is practically zero internet connection.


You can also check the map for spots of interest and afterward hit select the map to acquire directions. If you want to recall where the said area is, you can bookmark it by choosing the symbol that shows up on the bottom left corner of the app screen.

Sharing And Adding Location

By choosing the “Add Location” button on the application, you can include medical clinics, eateries, or whatever else you haven’t yet recorded on the map. What’s more, because of the feature “open source” the application has, you are also guaranteed that different users will be aware of it.

Furthermore, you may as well send your present location and area through the menu in the app. What is extraordinary about this is your companions can see where you are regardless of whether they don’t have this application in their phones. It’s an incredible SOS feature if you happen to get yourself in an unfamiliar area. It could also be an extraordinary route for individuals attempting to meet up somewhere else.

Specific Location Search

You can choose the magnifying glass symbol located at the bottom left of the app to pull up the search page. At that point, type your preferred location in the search bar. Through this, you can view your recent search history, or select a list of your choice to have local recommendations. 

Turn By Turn Navigation has a lot of pros. Same with other navigation applications, displays turn by turn instruction. Although this feature is not as great as the Google maps, it uses the quickest route to a specific location. This app also does not consider a few things like traffic, hills, or tolls. 

Make your travel companion

Maps in mobile apps play an essential job as they are valuable in each part of our everyday activity. Most of these applications are slowly being location sensitive. If you open an app or a website, you can always see that you will get a request consent to access your area. 

A large number of these applications depend on mapping innovations to give the date with this matter being sensitive. The majority of the business applications are associated with map integration. is excellent at its job. What’s more, what it does is truly pleasant, making a lot of people wanna use this app.

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