Getting Ahead of the Digital Marketing Evolution Curve

Since the wave of the internet has washed upon us, it is almost impossible to run a business without accounting for a digital store-front. Digital marketing has taken over our lives as companies are investing more time and money to create a digital presence that resonates with its target audience. We use Google, to purchase any goods or services. Such has been the dominance of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a combination of various aspects which include search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, digital content, Pay per click and so on. The simple process of leveraging the internet to make your brand presence felt is the core objective of digital marketing. Various ad campaigns are created to build awareness about a brand in the digital world. This is precisely why there is an immediate need for the services which digital marketing company Sydney offer.

It makes more monetary sense to invest in digital platforms first as the returns are generally greater. While conventional advertising has proven to be of use in the past, today they have little impact on the mind of the general people. Why invest in a billboard, when you can use social media to specifically narrow down your target market? Let us now identify some of the latest trends in the digital marketing world that are dominating the market.

Digital Marketing Yesterday

With the birth of the internet, digital marketing was used more as a medium of communication. There was very little business-selling online. It did not make sense to invest in distribution to a channel that lost its connection when the phone rang.

But when AOL introduced email services, it became the in-thing. Everyone was exchanging emails-IDs and communication flew through data channels across the globe. This was the time some brands thought it was a good idea to use this service and email marketing was born.

Digital Marketing Today

Today digital marketing is almost synonymous with marketing itself. There is no brand that is not using the internet or the digital space to draw attention. Companies have been created and destroyed, simply by using the power of online marketing. There are many digital marketing tools at our disposal, but these are the most used forms:

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing dominates the present marketing world as billions are people are available online on a daily basis. This means that a business can attract the attention of huge masses with effective advertisement which can boost the overall sales potential of the concerned company.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is the method by which you can increase traffic of your website by making your website relevant to the online searches. By using keywords, backlinks, and the right content, you can achieve a higher ranking for your website on search engine platforms.
  • Pay Per Click: The Internet marketing phenomenon that allows advertisers to pay the platform only if they get a click on the ad. The PPC concept has gained a lot of popularity of-late and is being adopted by various businesses from different market domains.

Digital Marketing Tomorrow

The field of Digital Marketing is constantly growing and becoming smarter each day. The future of this field is more promising than it ever was. While technology grows, it influences new trends in the market. Here are a few trends that a digital marketing company Sydney must look out for in the future.

  • Chatbot: Already a common feature of food and cab apps, this uses AI and machine learning to solve the problems of a consumer. The chatbots are pre-programmed with the basic problem-solving responses and with the help of AI they make this process way more effective. Some companies have also integrated this chatbot on platforms like Whatsapp.
  • Voice Integration: With the rising demand of smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home, the exposure and the potential of marketing opportunity is also increasing with these voice integrators. Even mobile apps use tech like Siri and OK-Google to search online. This creates a challenge for marketing agencies to also focus on Voice-search-optimization.
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications: Some lifestyle brands allow you to scan your face or your hands to see how their products look in real-time on them. In a couple of years, this will become a norm and people will have a real-life experience of purchase even on a digital platform.
  • Live Videos: Brands not using live streaming services to notify and educate their users about new products or updates will fall behind in the race of dominance. The market is flooded with such apps and it is important to keep up to this trend.

Digital marketing is not just an important section of marketing but also is the most effective one. It is also hard to predict how much it can evolve in the near future as the opportunities are endless.

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