How to Enhance the Battery Life of a Smartwatch

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The battery holds a lot of importance when it comes to using a smartwatch. A lot of people experience that their watches lose their battery fast. This could be due to providing several features to the users such as brighter colours, animations, interactive abilities, built-in apps, searches, notifications, and more.

This article will help smartwatch users to increase their battery life.

What Is The Ideal Duration For Which A Smartwatch Battery Last?

The average life of a smartwatch battery is around one to two days. This is because this device offers a wide range of functionalities that consumes a lot of battery cells. Due to which your smartphone drains its battery.

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What are the factors on which your smartphone’s battery depends?

The use of the smartwatch is the most important feature on which the battery of your smartphone depends on. If you use it and access its features frequently, then it is sure for its battery to drain fast.

The battery of the smartphone depends on how frequently you permit synchronization of the notifications on the phone such as weather, social media updates, and mail.

How to save the battery of your smartphone?

One of the ways by which you can enhance the battery of the smartwatch is to keep it on battery-saving settings. Other things that you can do are:

  • Reduce the Brightness
  • Switch Off Notifications
  • Turn off notification from a few applications
  • Disable the Tilt Feature to Wake Feature
  • Limit your smartwatch’s connectivity methods such as Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi
  • Uninstall irrelevant applications


The battery life of a smartwatch is a crucial factor when buying one for daily use. These are the best ways that can help you extend and retain the duration of your smartwatch battery.

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