How to Protect Your Privacy and Avoid System Slowdowns

System slowdown is one of the most annoying sides to owning a Windows operated laptop or PC. On top of this, the second biggest issue most of us have is our right to being able surf the internet in private. In this article we are going to have a look at how these issues can be fixed for good.

What causes system slowdown?

There are so many different reasons your laptop or PC might slow down and stop performing as well as it did when you first bought it.

The most obvious reasons are lack of physical storage and ageing components. These are not part of the scope of this article because the fixes are simple and obvious albeit sometimes costly.

Now there are several situations where your machine is new and has enough disk space. Why the machine suddenly slows down can be a mystery. However, there are some common causes of this happening.

Lack of RAM/Non-SATA Harddisk

this is the most annoying issue, especially for laptop users. You buy a new machine Windows 10 ready and it can’t handle the operating system. This is the classic case of manufacturers trying to release low spec models making them affordable. In reality, you are buying a machine in which you can have a browser open and a word processor but not much more.

It’s actually ruthless marketing and should be made clear to consumers the limitations they will have. Even something as simple as anti-virus will take up RAM and make the hard disk thrashing.

The solution: downgrade to Windows 7, but support for this will stop soon. See if you can install the Google OS. Or upgrade your RAM if possible. If you have not yet purchased a new machine, always buy one with a SATA hard drive.

Find Viruses Stealing Bandwidth

The latest viruses being developed are not always stealing information on your machine. There are now huge demands for resources for things like cryptocurrency mining. As a result,  these viruses are specifically designed to use your system resources without being detected. Most free versions of anti-virus will miss them.

Most of these viruses do not act like traditional viruses because they infiltrate ports that are sometimes not scanned or are designed to look as if they are connected to system software or hardware component.

The solution: Research the latest viruses that are out there to steal system resources. Then make sure you purchase an antivirus tool that will rid you of these viruses and protect against them in the future.

Registry Issues

register issues are all part of parcel of running a Windows operating system. Fixing them can be a nightmare and worst still even a complete operating system rebuild can still result in continued registry issues. The more you have the slower your system will become so they need fixing.

The solution: The only way to keep this in check is to find a decent registry fix program that will do the job. Also, use a free program that checks register errors just to make sure your paid version is doing its job properly.

Keeping your device’s browsing private

There are several ways to make sure you keep your browsing safe and secure with one that sticks out. Using a VPN 無料 is the best way to get complete privacy because you can take advantage of the encryption and the fact that you are using another IP address other than your own.

First of all, you can use incognito mode so the websites you visit are not saved into your browser history. Secondly, you can use an antivirus web surfing tool. However, what happens if you want to hide all internet activity from your IP address?

The solution: You will need to use a VPN フリー to connect to a server that will perform all internet searches on your behalf.

Hopefully what we have achieved here is letting you know how you can speed up your device and enjoy privacy while you surf the web or use the internet. At the same time, you will be able to ensure that your computer is virus-free including the elimination of viruses that are using your machine’s hardware for purposes such as cryptocurrency mining.

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