Increase Targeted Instagram Followers with the Latest Stories Features

If you want to increase your targeted Instagram followers, every month Instagram adds exciting updates that can help do just that. If you haven’t been using Instagram Stories for business, NOW is the time! Not only are Instagram Stories creative and fun to work with, they’re perfect for increasing engagement, driving traffic to your website and building brand awareness says Chris Poole of CT SEO Company.

Instagram Stories has officially reached over 500 million active daily users, making it a feature that can definitely help increase targeted Instagram followers. Stories are an important component of Instagram usage, a fact that its developers are well aware of. Because of its impressive success, the social platform has recently added several new and expanded features and continues to test those yet to be released. These innovative changes and additions are going to benefit marketers and influencers when it comes to increasing targeted Instagram followers, the audience they most want to reach. Some of the best new Stories features include the following.

Add Old/Archived Content

Now you’ll be able to add older content to Instagram Stories, instead of just the images and videos from the previous 24 hours. This is a significant advantage that makes it easier to strategically plan and create videos and images much further in advance for fast and easy posting at a later time.

Stop Motion Camera Feature

The stop motion camera feature will make it possible for you to take a compilation of photos, and then create a video with them. This camera tool allows you to take a long series of photos, then Instagram stitches them together into a GIF that you’ll be able to post in your Story.

Superzoom Tool

The Superzoom tool makes it possible for users to automatically zoom in on a set image. To use it you select the front or rear facing camera. From there the targeting reticle makes it easy to line up your shot. Instagram then does the rest of the work using a 3 stage zoom in along with synced-up orchestral sound effects.

Pin a Story to Your Profile Page

You can now pin a Story to your profile page, providing a way to preserve the video or photo montages that typically disappear after 24 hours. This means that you can produce a Story and leave it on your Instagram profile permanently. Also, important to note is that there isn’t a limit to how many Stories you can save. You have to be more creative in stories and click here for more stories ideas.

Available on the Desktop Variation of Instagram

Stories are now available on the desktop variant of Instagram, so now you can view them on the desktop version of Instagram, meaning it’s not just a mobile-only feature now. Even though this feature has already been released, a lot of users haven’t heard about it.

Taking the time to test out these new creative tools will definitely help grow targeted Instagram followers by boost engagement. You can bet that your competitors will be taking advantage of these new features.


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