List of 5 Top-Rated Video Player Apps in 2020 for Mac

Surely there is no scarcity of third party video playing applications for Mac. However, the most well-known app is the one that is supportive of the majority of the file formats of video and has no advertisements. It is supposed to have simple shortcuts.

As you know it is hardly possible for you to try all the media players that can be availed from the app store. Hence, in this article, we will enlist 5 popular video playing applications available for Mac as well as their important features.

  1. VLC Media Player:

The next coming video player for AVI Mac is the VLC. It has already gained a lot of fame amongst the well-known video players for Android devices and Windows. The user interface of this application is quite comprehensible to the users. The reason behind its high popularity is the easy commands of the keyboard. Users can choose from a lot of teams. A few well-known formats for playback are MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, M4V, MPEG.

  1. Cisdem Video Player for Mac: 

This can be a great option for the ones who are in search of a flimsy player that is capable of playing almost all formats of video. The fact that makes this video player the best is its ability to run videos of high quality including 1080p or 4k. It provides you an ad-less experience and has a simple user interface with easy navigation.

  1. Elmedia Player:

There are two versions of this video player. One is the free version and another is the pro version. This video play is even capable of streaming online videos. It can play HD videos efficiently as well as it lets the users add essential edits to their videos like noise lowering and brightness control. It is indeed best possible media player for Mac OS.

  1. MPlayerX:

This video player is one of the most suitable for people who have a fetish for watching online movies and videos. It has got auto playback features which let the users automatically watch the next video instantly after the earlier one has finished. The Apple TV remote can be used to control it. If you connect your Mac with your home theatre, it can provide you an even better sound experience.

  1. 5Kplayer:

This is another video player that can play nearly all kinds of video formats that are available in the market. This app also lets the users download music content from Sound Cloud as well as is supportive of online radio platforms like heart planet rock, BBC, etc.

Thus, mentioned above were the names of popular video players one can try for Mac. We hope that our article turns out very assistive for you in choosing the best video player for running different videos in all file formats. You can avail all of these above-mentioned applications from the app store. You can use the internet to find more information regarding all of these video players.

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