Major reasons for not buying Redmi 6A


Xiaomi has been on its roll for the past five years in every single market. Almost every smartphone by Xiaomi has been successful and famous for its features and other cons. The lower mid-range category of Xiaomi has a stronghold over the market due to its consistent decent smartphones. Well, with this device too, there are many reasons why you should opt-out for it. But have you ever thought about the reasons why you should not buy this smartphone by Xiaomi? Well, in this article, we will take a look at some significant reasons against buying this device.

● Not quick and smooth

Well, this is a common problem with every lower end budget smartphone. This is the same issue with Redmi 6A too. The processors of these lower mid-range smartphones are not that powerful and reliable. Therefore, due to this, there have been many issues like lags and unnecessary slow processing. Also, with this device, many lags can become an irritating thing for you. High waiting time for launching apps or time taken for switching apps can become a significant problem with this phone for you. This is all because of the Mediatek Helio A22 processor. Therefore, this point should be considered before buying this smartphone.

● No dual 4g support

This smartphone is not a flagship one or an upper mid-range smartphone. Nowadays, every smartphone has this dual 4g support, which has become very common. But what is this 4g support, and what difference does it make? Well, a 4g support is a feature where a 4g sim card can function in your device. But with this budget device, you will not get the dual 4g support. This means that you cannot expect two 4g sim cards to work at the same time in this device. One of these two sim cards would work on the 3g level. To sum up all, this is also an important reason not to buy this smartphone.

● Day-to-day usage drains more battery 

Well, the battery of this smartphone is vast and very impressive. But, there have been many cases where the battery drainage is quick after day-to-day usage. The battery is a 3000mAh battery, which is quite huge for a lower mid-range smartphone. Due to continuous daily usage or high usages like graphic games or anything like that, the battery tends to drain at a much higher rate. Many lower mid-range smartphones have the same battery drainage issue, which does not make this budget smartphone a significant exception. Therefore, this is also a significant reason for not buying the smartphone.

● Slow at updates 

This is a common problem for all Xiaomi smartphones and especially in the mid-range league. Also, this midrange smartphone will not receive timely security patch updates and also significant updates too. This will make this smartphone laggy and also less responsive. So, this can be an excellent issue for you after buying this smartphone.

We hope that this article will provide you the necessary information needed.

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