The Best SEO Courses That Are Online for Free

We all know how helpful classes have been to where we are today. Those courses that we put hours upon hours have given us tried and tested knowledge that we use right now. The same goes for some available online courses, like free SEO online classes.

The best way to learn SEO is by enrolling in free SEO classes from reputable organizations that know what they do and are wholeheartedly happy to share their knowledge with you. These are some of the best SEO courses that are online for free.

  • Yoast’s Free SEO Training: SEO for Beginners

This SEO course is the ultimate crash course for Search Engine Optimization. It got created for people with no prior knowledge about SEO. They use easy to understand lingos, and they try their best to avoid jargon that may mess up the student’s untrained SEO mind.

  • Moz’s SEO Training Course

This training course is uploaded on Udemy and is so far one of the popular ones. Presented by one of the founders of Moz, Rand Fiskin, the course is a 3.5-hour-long video and has an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars. They did a pretty good job of covering all of the necessary aspects of SEO.

  • ClickMinded’s Free SEO course

Tommy Griffith, one of the pioneers of ClickMinded, heads the course as its instructor. He was previously responsible for managing the SEO of bigtime companies like Paypal and Airbnb. The coverage of this online class includes the type of SEO structure Paypal and Airbnb use. Once finished, you will now have access to some of their best reading materials that will solidify your new-found knowledge.

  • Coursera’s Search Engine Optimization Specialization

Coursera is probably one of the most popular training platforms out there, along with LearnDash, Udemy, etc. This SEO class offers SEO specialization paths, taught by some SEO experts. This course is so comprehensive; it will take you four months to finish them all!

  • SemRush’s SEO Toolkit Course

SEO Toolkit Course is a SemRush online SEO training course that covers areas from Keyword Research and Analysis to SEO Reporting. What’s so good about this free SEO class is that as you go through the varying stages of SEO, you’ll be slowly learning how to use SemRush as well.

It is best to take advantage of these online SEO courses if you’re keen on learning a high-profit skill that will potentially boost you to success like Search Engine Optimization. Not only they’re insightful, but they are also free. Some even give certifications!

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