2020 Tech In Review: The Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

The Mamba electric herb grinder may be a new addition to the grinding scene, but it has been around enough now that we can say with confidence that this is a product that is full of quality, innovation, and will serve users well for years.  Cordless and one-handed, this electric grinder takes grinding from being a chore to being a fun activity, and a quick one at that.

The heart of the Mamba is its strong, reliable powertrain.  It uses a powerful electric motor which is mated to an all-metal gear set.  We really appreciate this all-metal gear set.  So many great electric products are held back by a weak plastic gear, and ultimately become junk.  Not with the Mamba: durability comes standard.

At the other end of the gears from the motor lies the aluminum grinder.  Interlocking aluminum teeth shred any herbs into a perfect grind, and forward and reverse directions allows for complete and easy emptying of the grinder.  The aluminum design allows for extreme durability.  Many plastic and acrylic grinders on the market now suffer from broken teeth early into their life, and that is not something that will be seen with the Mamba.

Before herbs are shredded, they are loaded by hand into two deep loading chambers in the Mamba.  These chambers hold sizable amounts of herbs, and are much easier to load than other grinders which require the user to mash the herb into the teeth.  Another nice feature is that loading can be done with one hand when the Mamba is laid flat on its back as the Mamba’s external design includes a stand designed for this purpose.

Once loaded, a flip of the switch in either the forward or reverse direction causes the Mamba to begin to grind your herbs.  This can be done one-handed again: either left- or right-handed users can hold the Mamba with a single hand while using their thumb to activate the grinder.  This makes the Mamba truly accessible to all users.  Those with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or other issues concerning their manual dexterity will appreciate the thought and consideration that has gone into the Mamba.

While the herbs are being ground, a screen allows pieces of herbs ground to the right consistency to fall out of the cone at the end of the grinder into whatever container you are using to collect your grind.  This is another big plus: no more stopping mid-grind and assessing the grind consistency.  The Mamba takes a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error out of grinding.  Even experienced users of other grinders will likely appreciate a grinder that gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and properly each and every time.

At this point, we’ve done a good job describing the Mamba’s grinding process.  Now, let’s talk about the Mamba’s aesthetics.  This is an electronic tool that looks as good as it grinds, and we like it so much that it doesn’t spend time being tucked away in a drawer.  Any owner of a Mamba will be happy to show off the unit to their friends, and it is sure to make a positive impression at any party.  And available in different, creative colors, the Mamba can be ordered just as you want it.

Holding the Mamba gives you a sense of high-quality build and materials.  It doesn’t feel cheap or overly light, but it is definitely far from heavy.  Solid and reliable is simply the way it feels.  This is due to excellent balancing done by the designers, and it is not a fatiguing grinder to use.

Does the Mamba electric grinder work good?

This is a grinder that is perfect for the occasional use, but is also capable of producing large quantities of ground herbs for those heavily into their herbal concoctions.  Versatile is a great word to use here, because the Mamba is happy just being used when needed for the odd grind, but is also up to the task of grinding through a large stash to prepare ground herbs for future use.

The Mamba electric herb grinder: the ultimate herb grinder we’ve seen for grinders in 2020, and far ahead of the competition. 

Watch the Mamba electric herb grinder Kickstarter video!

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