5 Benefits of Injection Molding Robots in the Pharma and Chemistry Industry 

The pharma and chemistry industry has undergone numerous transformations over the years. It’s one of the industries whose growth has mainly been influenced by technology.

The industry, like all other industries, has used technology to improve their productivity and efficiency. Additionally, technology has been the defining factor, when it comes to competitiveness.

Among the numerous machines adopted, the introduction of the injection molding robot has been one of the most significant.

These robots have greatly changed the industries that’ve adopted it. From improved productivity, to better research and innovation, and even better working environment.

As industries increasingly continue to adopt these robots, we’ll look at the benefits of this robot in the field. 

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  • Improve production Flexibility 


Over the past decade, the use of plastic has significantly increased in the pharmaceutical industry. More plastic instruments and devices are preferred to other materials. Hence the need for injection molding.

Industries in this sector have resorted to injection molding robots to help in this production.

This is because, while workers can do the molding by themselves, they tend to be slower and more rigid with designs.

The robots on the other hand, offer more flexibility, allowing you to handle products of different shapes, dimensions and properties. From valves, seals, implants, syringes and other parts used in prosthetics, the robots can make them all.

Moreover, the robots also produce products of complex controlled-release dosage forms, applicable for both oral and implant administration.


  • High Quality products


The pharma and chemistry industry require only the best products for use. Their use is crucial for the survival of patients all over the world.

Industries, therefore, incorporate injection molding robots to ensure that they get only the highest quality devices. Even when orders are high, the robot can increase its speed of operation without compromising on quality.

Their accuracy and precision in dosing fluids minimizes the risk of producing defective products.

The same cannot be said of human workers. They may get tired after working on many products and thus become susceptible to inconsistencies in the production.

The injection molding robots also uphold the highest hygiene standards required in this field. The robotic arms are used for sterile handling and assembly of parts of used.


  • Reduction in the production costs


Among the reasons why this industry switched to plastic is its durability, heat resistance and the cost. Unlike metal, plastic materials are not prone to corrosion or tear.

The use of injection robots in this industry has result in a reduction of the production costs. For one, it reduces the time required for the production and increases the number of products produced.

Moreover, it solves the labor issue since the robots can handle injection molding on different machines simultaneously. This means that you not only save on labor costs, but also power and maintenance costs.

Its ROI is also very quick, within a year, you’ll be reaping profits. 


  • Enhanced Safety


The pharmaceutical industry is not only susceptible to bacterial and viral diseases but also physical injuries as well. The equipment and chemicals used can be dangerous for workers.

Injection molding robots are thus adopted to complete some of these tasks.

Moreover, they are used in mixing, dispensing and inspection of all products. This helps the employees avoid strain from these repetitive tasks and thus become more productive.

The robots ease of deployment allows its adoption in all areas that may seem hostile to workers. What’s more, the robot itself works peacefully with all workers.

Unlike its predecessor, it has sensors that allows it to be comfortable around workers.


The injection molding robot has been an excellent addition to the pharma and chemistry industry. It has provided numerous benefits to this industry and allowed it to attained to new levels.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, the robot has also enabled the research and innovation of many new products. It’s almost the best thing that happened to this industry.

Therefore, if you’re seeking to improve your pharma and chemistry industry, you can’t go wrong with an injection molding robot.




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