5 Main Phases In Web Application Advancement Process

Web applications or (also known as) web app by most of the tech-savvy race has become a very important tool of business in the current times. These tools work on three tier system so to speak – Your business, the Users (that is you as a business person) and Data Services. This model is used to divide a web application in two parts – service suppliers and consumers network.

The following are the 5 main phases in web application advancement process:

  1. A Visual Road-Mapping

When you set up your business, you definitely have a certain goal or purpose to achieve. Similarly, when you create a web application for your business, you must establish its goals and purposes too. This process is called road-mapping which is very essential to set a proper direction for the entire project. Once you know what kind of web app does your business require, you can get the right app customized according to the requirements of your business. This makes the goals and purposes of your web application meet the goals and purposes of your business as a whole.

  1. Target Your Audience

This is the second phase in web app advancement process. You just can’t speak about the kind of customer base you are targeting. There has to be a proper analysis based on the following points:

  • Audience’s Capabilities To Access Web – this includes audience having an access to internet, single and multi-level extra net and intranet.
  • Audience Type – targeted audience’s age, gender, and their percentage of beginner, average and professional internet users.
  • The Security Level – this involves risk statistics defining the security type based on the characteristics, security breach levels and fraud in a particular zone.
  • The Statistics Of The Targeted Audience – this shows how many times your page has been visited by your customers or other visitors.
  1. A Summary Document Or A Detailed Specification

This document eliminates any type of confusion on your web page. This has an inclusion of certain technical functionalities and specifications of a web app to be developed. The only concern is it is unable to give details of each type of behavior of its user in case the project is huge. In this case, a summary document serves the purpose. To be precise, this document works exactly as a chief accountant in your office – the one who maintains and manages the books of accounts.

  1. The Analysis, Identification And Selection Of Third Party Vendors

When you creating a web application from a third-party vendor, it is mostly cost-effective and is prepared much faster. You need to check the list of web application development companies, merchant accounts and payment gateways, providers of SSL certificate, service providers, servers, firewalls, and providers of load balance equipment, networks and other fulfillment centers. After having scanned the information of all the above points, you can then select the right third party vendor.

  1. Timeframe Of The Web App And The Relevant Technology

This phase speaks of the platform, relevant technology, environment, framework and overall structure of the web app.

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