5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting services have gained popularity in recent years due to the high-performance of virtual servers, customizable hosting environments, account isolation, and cost-efficiency, among other features. However, before you buy VPS Hosting, it is important to understand that no two VPS Hosting plans are alike. Every hosting provider adds or removes services and/or features to make the plan suitable to the target market in his mind. Therefore, before choosing a plan, ensure that you are not buying it only because it is the cheapest VPS hosting plan in the market. Assess if it suits your requirements too. Today, we will share five reasons to avoid cheap VPS Hosting plans.

1. Performance of the Website

If your VPS plan has resources as per the needs of your website, then it will load fast with minimum errors and/or downtimes. To offer this, the provider needs to invest in a good web server that will be eventually divided into multiple virtual servers. If a provider is offering cheap VPS services, then chances are, that he has cut costs while acquiring the server. So while you might save some money on your hosting plan, if the site’s performance drops, then you can lose business, reputation, and SEO.

2. Website Security

The architecture of a virtual server makes it highly secure. However, that alone is not enough. The web host also needs to ensure that the web server is secure by installing the latest antivirus and antimalware, proactively looking for threats and taking corrective action before the server is affected. With cheap plans, the host might try to cut costs and compromise the security of your website.

3. Lack of Customer Support

VPS Hosting services require technical expertise and a strong customer support team to ensure that the site runs without interruptions. Cheaper VPS Hosting plans tend to cut costs in customer support too.

4. Overselling

This is more of an issue from a business standpoint. Some hosting providers oversell their server resources, assuming that each account will not utilize its allocated resources. By offering more accounts, he can offer a cheaper plan and get more clients. However, if a few sites utilize all their resources, then there can be server issues affecting all sites.

5. Lower Bandwidth and/or Storage

To provide cheap VPS Hosting, the provider will have to cut corners. Some hosts offer lower bandwidth and/or storage space to make up for the lower price. Also, the quality of the storage solution used can be poor. All this can eventually impact the performance of your site.

Summing Up

We are not against cheap virtual server plans, but you should be wary of buying one only because it is cheap. Ensure that you assess the services offered and the quality of infrastructure used by the provider. Creating and running a website takes a lot of time and effort, and you wouldn’t want to risk the reputation of your site for saving a few dollars on the hosting plan. Consider all aspects and choose wisely. Good Luck!

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