Audience Targeting through PPC Ads

What is a PPC Ad?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads is a Google AdWords program which lets advertisers to set up their Ads in Google Ad Console and create custom Ads, set Ad budget and do Audience Targeting setting. The term Pay-Per-Click is self-explanatory that anyone clicking on the Ad, Google deducts the pre-defined cost for the click from the Advertiser’s pre-paid account balance. Google offers Keyword Planner through which you can generate hundreds of keyword ideas for every keyword phrase that you want to promote.

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In the Google Keyword Planner console, you will also be able to to create Ads and do Audience Setting for your Ads. Google also offers a Keywords Forecast tool that gives an estimate of how many clicks that your set of keywords can get for a given time frame for a geographic location. The Keyword Forecast tool will tell you how many clicks and views that your Ads might get for the set of keywords detailing Cost Per Click and estimated number of clicks and views for each of your keywords along with the budget forecast. So, you can do the whole process of Ad Setting in one place itself. You will learn more about creating Ad Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ad Sets along with audience targeting and budget setting in this section.

If you have prior working knowledge on keywords and Google Ad setting, this process may not be difficult. Rather, if you are fairly new to Ad Setting, it is not going to be an easy task for you to run PPC Campaigns. As it involves multiple steps such as generating keywords, generating click and budget forecasts, creating campaigns, groups and ad sets, it is quite demanding because setting ads and running a campaign is one thing and doing it the right way is another thing.

If you know the full working knowledge of Google Adwords and its functionalities, you will be able to create Ads that work great for you. Another important thing that you will have to bear in mind before starting and running a campaign is that you have to know how to select the keywords, set the ad budget and create an ad satisfying and fulfilling Google parameters.

Other than this what you have to know when creating a PPC Ad is that your account may be suspended or penalised by Google which might include permanent blocking for serious violations. The account retrieving process might delay your Digital Marketing campaign or that may not even be a possibility to restore your account.

Leave alone setting ads according to Google’s rules but other important things also persist like how effectively you are going to use your Ad budget, set your target audiences and successfully run PPC Ads to meet your specific goals SEO Packages in USA. This again calls for marketing understanding as to how many campaigns, groups and ad sets to be created and to test different types of Ads and Ad groups to see which ones are working best and which ones are not. Let us further see how through the various steps discussed below, you can successfully create and successfully run PPC Ad campaigns.

Generation & Selection of Keywords

Google Keywords Planner: Google’s own tool Keyword Planner helps you to generate hundreds of keyword ideas for a keyword phrase that you feel representing your website. Based on the location you want to target and average search volume of the relevant keywords, you can pick a list of keywords preferably long tail keywords to run your PPC campaigns..

Google Trends: You can use this free tool to see and find how different variables of your keywords are in vogue. Google Trends shows what keywords are trending at present and shows how popular these keyword phrases are in percentage terms with other similar phrases. This will help you decide the keyword phrases that you are going to use for your PPC ads looking at their popularity. Google Trends also shows alternate terms used that you can consider choosing.

Google Auto Suggestions: Google Auto Suggestion Keywords are those keywords that you are able to see as suggested by Google when you are typing in a keyword phrase in the Google search box. Google recommends these keywords based on their popularity and volume of searches as related to your search term. Google considers that these keywords are relevant and that you might consider searching for these keywords to find what you are looking for. Google also lists these suggestive keywords at the bottom of the search page so that you can easily pick them.


Having done your base work well such as defining your target audience, using the right keywords, using the right budget, targeting the right audience, writing a good ad copy and creating optimum number of Ad sets, groups and campaigns, you can noe set off your PPC Ad Campaigns. To make your ads more effective, you can use Google Analytics and measure various parameters and continue moderation.

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