Boss Laser and the Boss LS-1416

For anybody thinking of investing in a laser cutter, it can be overwhelming when confronted with the different companies and machines available on the market today. Laser cutters need to be accurate, long-lasting and fit the design specifications necessary for the project at hand. For any laser engraving needs, Boss Laser is an exceptional US-based company that offers multiple different options for any type of project.

Customers can purchase industrial CO2 lasers, entry-level CO2 lasers ideal for hobbyists, metal lasers, and laser marking systems. However, anyone looking for an entry-level CO2 laser cutter should consider the Boss LS-1416. The boss review here discusses the available upgrades for the LS-1416 as well as the standard accessories and improved performance it provides for any laser engraving project.

Boss LS-1416

One great advantage of the LS-1416 is its larger workspace compared to the average 16×12, and it can also cut up to 3/8. Since Boss Laser is a U.S. based company, they have excellent quality components, software, and optics that come standard on every machine they offer, no matter if it’s a machine suited for small businesses or a huge industrial model best suited for larger applications.

The LS-1416, in particular, comes standard with a 50W CO2 laser tube or can be upgraded to a 70W laser tube if desired. It also comes with every component and accessory necessary to operate the machine. The accessories include a circulating water pump with hose, comprehensive software, and a large exhaust fan for venting fumes and smoke. However, those aren’t the only great features it offers!

Boss LS-1416 Specs

For starters, the Boss LS-1416 optics have a 14% better beam transmission improvement compared to any foreign-made optics. Boss Laser only uses homegrown U.S. photonics companies to ensure top-notch quality optics. In fact, the optics on the LS-1416 include autofocus, which makes adjusting the laser head efficient and straightforward.

Not only does the LS-1416 have exceptional optics, but it also has comprehensive and easy to use software. The standard version works with Mac, Windows, or Linux and is also U.S. made. It has new LightBURN software, and the Boss Edition All-In-One laser package upgrade is camera-ready and allows direct printing capability. The LS-1416 also has an inline beam combiner that eliminates chasing around that little red dot, making it very easy to align accurately on any material.

Some other great features include the Laser Head Air Assist, which ensures that the laser work space stays free of debris or smoke. The Y-Axis guide rails have ball bearings which keep the laser cutting smoothly and accurately. It also comes with an adjustable 8 motorized Z-Table as well as Knife Blade and Honeycomb platforms for engraving.

Perhaps the best part is that the Boss LS-1416 comes with a full two-year warranty. Boss Laser has a huge warehouse of ready-to-ship replacement parts and a U.S. based tech support team of experts for answering any questions, since purchasing any Boss Laser machine comes with free lifetime tech support.

Finding the Right Laser Cutter

A laser cutting machine is a serious investment, no doubt. When making an investment of this size, all of the important factors should be considered carefully. Boss Laser is a homegrown U.S. based company offering CO2 and fiber laser cutters for any sort of industrial or entry-level applications. For smaller businesses or weekend hobbyists, the Boss LS-1416 is an excellent choice and comes standard with components and a full warranty that can’t be beaten!

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