Choosing the Best Ecommerce Payment Solution

The available payment solutions through ecommerce sites are essential part of most businesses. The payment solution you choose can influence your processes, i.e., processing of cash-flow, as well as the number of orders that are coming in. Lucky are you since you have plenty and affordable options for you to choose from.

In as much as there several payment options, it can be difficult to choose the best ecommerce payment provider for you and your clients. When choosing payments solution, the following ought to be considered:


The payment system ought to integrate with your website to provide an excellent shopping experience to customers. Consequently, how compatible the payment solution is ought to be the most important priority. Choose a payment provider, like Moona, that has plugins for your ecommerce platforms to save time and efforts for customers.


The significance of security ought not to be underestimated when it comes to selecting payment providers. Security gives merchants assurance their sales are safe. Moreover, since internet security is a concern to most e-shoppers, a secure platform like Moona will positively impact the purchasing decision of e-shoppers.


Payment fees are significant. You need a payment provider like Moona that offers competitive rate. It is through this that you will easily grow your margins, in addition to pricing costs that are attractive to your esteem client. For Moona, e-shoppers are always offer £5 discounts to e-at each order and at no cost for merchants.

Level of Service

Are you interested in an ecommerce payments that has been acting like a simple payment gateway, for instance Moona? How best a payment solution can be is based on the resources that you have and the kind of support you want. In most cases, smaller businesses have been benefiting from have complete payment solutions.

Authorization and Capture

If you are operating a business that has been experiencing delayed fulfillment process, it is recommended that you should settle for Moona, which offers authorization and capture. It is through this that you can authorize funds for them to be available. On the other hand, you capture can be delayed until later times. This gives merchant room to improve access to their cash flow.

What is

Moona is a UK based payment solution that has been offering £5 discounts to e-shoppers at each order and at no cost for merchants. There are several advantages that come with using for both merchants and e-shoppers. These advantages are not limited to:

  • Way bigger carts: getting a discount on every order means customers are willing to add more to their carts and come back more often.
  • 100% free solution with no payment fees: as Moona’s model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, the solution is currently 100% free for all merchants.
  • Boosted traffic: shoppers are actively looking for retailers where they can get instant Moona discounts, boosting exposure and traffic to Moona’s network of partners.
  • Secure payments: the fact that Moona has been using Stripe, one of the safest payment technologies in the world, its customers are protected against fraud. The solution adds an additional layer of authentication that has been protecting them from liability for fraudulent card payments.

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