Communication is learning from each other


You go to these [Krishnamurti] schools with your own experience, customary or free, with discipline or without discipline, obeying or hesitant and ignoring, in rebellion or acclimating. Your folks are either careless or extremely steady about you. Some may feel entirely capable, others may not. You accompany this difficulty, with broken families, unsure or emphatic, needing your direction or modestly assenting however deep down revolting.  You can also visit this site for useful information.

In these schools you are free, and all the unsettling influences of your young lives become an integral factor. You need your own specific manner and nobody on the planet can have their own particular manner. You need to comprehend this genuinely; you can’t have your own particular manner. Possibly you figure out how to modify with comprehension, with reason, or you are broken by the new condition you have entered. It is critical to comprehend this.In these schools the teachers clarify things cautiously and you can examine with them, have a discourse and see why certain things must be finished. At the point when one lives in a little network of instructors and understudies it is essential that they have a decent connection with one another that is benevolent, tender and has a specific nature of mindful perception. Nobody, particularly these days living in a free society, likes rules, yet leads become absolutely superfluous when you and the adult teacher comprehend, verbally and mentally as well as with your heart, that specific orders are important. The word discipline has been demolished by the dictators. Each art has its own order, its own ability. The word discipline originates from the word devotee which intends to learn: to learn, not to adjust, not to revolt, however to find out about your own responses and your own experience and how those cutoff you, and to go past them. 

The substance of learning is consistent development without a fixed point. On the off chance that its point turns into your bias, your feelings and ends, and you start from this debilitation, at that point you stop to learn. Learning is endless. The brain that is continually learning is past all information. So you are here to learn just as to convey. 

Correspondence isn’t just the trading of words, anyway lucid and clear those words might be; it is a lot further than that. Correspondence is gaining from one another, seeing one another; and this reaches a conclusion when you have taken an unmistakable remain about some insignificant or not completely considered act. 

At the point when one is youthful, there is a desire to adjust, not to feel out of things. To become familiar with the nature and ramifications of similarity brings its own particular control. It would be ideal if you generally remember when we utilize that word discipline that both the understudy and the instructor are seeing someone learning, not attestation and acknowledgment. At the point when this is plainly comprehended, rules become superfluous. At the point when this isn’t clear, at that point rules must be made. You may rebel contrary to rules, against being determined what to do or not to do, however when you rapidly comprehend the idea of learning, rules will vanish through and through. It is just the adamant, the self-self-assured, who achieve rules—thou shalt and thou shalt not. 

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