Get a lawyer for your Huntington Beach personal injury case!

An unexpected injury can throw your life off the track. If the accident happened due to someone’s neglect, negligence, carelessness, and disregard for safety, you may have the scope to file a personal injury lawsuit. California is an at-fault state, so the party responsible for your injuries should pay the compensation (through their insurance company) for your damages. There is also a statute of limitations in California, which only allows two years to bring such lawsuits, from the date of the accident/incident. In other words, you don’t have much time either. Hiring one of experienced injury attorneys Huntington Beach can help your case in many ways. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

Why do you need an injury lawyer?

First things first, knowing your rights is important to file a personal injury case. While you may assume that you have a valid claim, proving liability and fault may not be feasible. Every personal injury case is unique, and you need an attorney, who can help you evaluate the merit of your claim. An attorney can also help you evaluate your damages. For instance, after a car accident, your injuries may not be immediately apparent. As a result, you may fail to seek damages, which would have covered for your long-term medical care. A personal injury attorney can – 

  1. Help in understanding California’s personal injury laws
  2. Review and estimate the worth of your claim
  3. Deal with the claims adjuster
  4. Go to court, if negotiations with the insurance company fails
  5. Handle all necessary paperwork and formalities

Cost of hiring a personal injury attorney in Huntington Beach

Many law firms and injury attorneys in California take up personal injury claims and lawsuits on a contingency basis. In this type of arrangement, the lawyer only gets paid if they win a settlement. Their fee is usually a part of the settlement, not more than 40%. There could be other expenses related to investigation and litigation, so ask the lawyer if they can handle or advance those on your behalf. Professional and experienced injury attorneys know what a claim is worth, so they do their best to ensure that client don’t have to pay huge right away. These expenses are later adjusted with the settlement.

Check with an injury attorney now to find more on your case. The first consultation with a lawyer doesn’t have to cost anything, and you can ask anything related to their experience, expertise, and the merits & demerits of your matter.  

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