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It is possible to maintain the quality, deadlines and budgets established in the first stage of the project. Now that you know what project management is, let’s go to the best practices to make it even more efficient. Be sure to check out: How to develop customer-focused IT.

Tips for making IT project management efficient

Risk Management

We usually say that every management needs to establish risk management right in the planning. In the IT area this is even more important, after all, we work with a lot of valuable data. And information security is one of the biggest concerns for companies.

With risk management, we can anticipate some possible problems, change part of the planning to avoid them, or establish quick responses if they occur. In this way, we minimize the effects caused on the project. After all, we are not always able to neutralize all threats, in many cases being agile in resolving is the best alternative. The use of the roadmap tools happens to be important in this case.


List priorities

It is natural that some stages during the project have to be readjusted, due to unforeseen circumstances or delays.

  • So that these adjustments do not affect the quality or efficiency of the project, the manager must list which are the most critical and urgent points of the process.

They are given preference in the new schedule and we minimize the effects on the results of the project.

Update the schedule always and share it with your collaborators

Good IT project management goes against the hierarchical and centralized idea in a single professional. After all, the information technology area affects all sectors of the company, which means that everyone can collaborate.

For this to be truly efficient, it is essential that the manager keeps an updated schedule and shares the changes in real time with the other participants.

In this way, professionals can plan ahead and maintain the schedule. In this way, we establish a self-monitoring network. After all, everyone will have access to the stages that have been accomplished, deadlines and possible delays.

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Use a management methodology or method

The fourth tip for implementing efficient IT project management is to establish which management method will be used. The choice must be based on available resources, budget, team capacity and expected results.

This way, the whole team can stay focused and the chances of getting out of scope are considerably reduced.

The most used methodology is based on the Guide. For projects with high flexibility we can use the best practices suggested by the guide in conjunction with the Scrum method which, in short, is an agile methodology, based on cycles and feedbacks.


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