Handle data gracefully—5 tips

Have you been wondering how do data centers operate and what kind of tactic they implement to safely store the data and handle such large sums? If yes, then you have landed on the right spot. We will discuss with you all the important tips and tricks that you need to know in order to handle your data more gracefully. There is always the notion of cyber security attacks and hacks in the air, trying to devour your attention and focus on maintaining your data and other important elements as well.

Cyber hacks are more frequent and tiring in number than any other kind of threat you would have to face during your career. It is advised that you don’t take the cyber threats lightly and fail to implement certain things to take care of the problem in the first place.

Following tips and tricks would greatly help you during your journey of handling large and small chunks of data more profoundly;

  1. Practicing good data hygiene

Storage technology has come very far in the last two decades, new technologies are being introduced and implemented regularly and more revolutionization is heading towards the IT based settings. With the price of SSD technology falling rapidly and more and more magnetic options emerging in the market to facilitate the need to store large chunks of data the overall condition seems to be in control.

Furthermore, companies and organizations store every kind of data they can get their hands on such as from their customers, feedbacks and other type of data stored via internet of things (IoT). Although this data proves to be very satisfying and important when it comes to making valuable decisions that can benefit the company and the issuance of new updates for overall ease and convenience of the systems.

But there is a downside to it, according to a survey almost about 20-30% of all the data that is stored by an organization through various tactics never event get used. This data doesn’t help in any regard and is sitting somewhere in a secure location taking money and time in terms of security and hauling the space for something important to be stored. What you need to do is to implement good data hygiene practices and make sure that your company or organization abides by it. Doing so will help you to manage data more effectively and secure it with even more layers of effective security systems.

  1. Taking help from DCIM tools

It is necessary that you do have some kind of management console implemented over your data center to better manage each and every section and various requests of data transfers. DCIM or otherwise known as data center infrastructure management is a set of tools and practices that will better help you to understand the mechanics of data storage, transfer and or data interpretation. With the help of this system you can better understand the current statistics of data, how much volume you do have and in what locations and what kind of security parameters are in place to make sure that your data is being secured at all times.

Without the DCIM tools running a data center would be like sailing a ship without a proper sail or trying to control its direction without a compass. You will have to understand the traffic demands within your data center, cooling needs of the IT department and other related parameters to make sure that your facility is running flawlessly with all the basic requirements that it needs to be flawless.

  1. Organizing your cables

You might be thinking that what an amateur tip and you might already know about this for too long, but have you ever wondered that why data losses are more frequent even if you are doing everything right? Because of the fact that companies and IT based data centers don’t put any much emphasis over the importance of proper cabling and using quality material. The result is that they have to suffer at the end, either by losing the valuable data in the transit or worse losing the latest upgrade or transfer of data to and from the data center.

It is the duty of the enterprise use only well organized and structured cables as without doing so the chances of data loss is evident. You must find various ways to properly manage all the cables effectively and make sure that all the connections are done professionally and that the cables go in all the right ports to avoid any kind of trouble whatsoever.

Unstructured cabling could be suitable for small businesses or home offices but in no way, it is acceptable for the enterprise or large businesses having tons of data and related settings from the customers which they can’t afford to lose.

  1. Upgrade your equipment

If its one thing that can be said for sure then it would be the fact that change is inevitable and one must go through it to become the best version of themselves. IT industry comprises of change as an inevitable setup and new technologies and software systems are introduced every day. You need to make sure that you continue to update yourself from time to time as without proper upgradation the specific standards that your company has promised to the customers can’t be upheld.

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