How To Remove A Block Out When Starting To Design A Powerpoint

If you have to do a ppt design [desain pptwhich is the term in Indonesia] and have spent more than 15 min with the first blank slide? Designing powerpoint presentations is a task that, whether we want it or not, is part of our professional life and that we have to give it its due importance since through them, we present valuable content, knowledge, ideas and position ourselves as professionals in our sector.

Designing a presentation consists of two phases. The first phase is to collect all the content we want to present and the second phase is to intelligently and effectively empty all that content into the blank slides of the powerpoint.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to eliminate a possible blackout when you start designing a powerpoint presentation.

5 Ways To Start Designing A Powerpoint

Define 3 Things That Your Audience Will Take After The Presentation

The main reason for any presentation is to generate a change in our target audience. Choose three contents, be it phrases, data, or reflections that are impressive enough to be recorded in the mind of your audience at the end of your presentation.

How I Want My Audience To Feel

The way you design a powerpoint will convey emotions or not. You have to be clear about what kind of emotions you want to convey. If you’re going to inspire your audience, make them aware of a specific topic, inform about new trends or your products and services, have fun, captivate.

What Is The Point Of My Presentation

Every presentation has a main objective. This objective can be commercial in case you want them to continue inquiring about your products or services, or it can be simply informative. Define this call to action and make your communication revolve around this goal.

What Things Does My Audience Know And What Is The New Thing That I Will Bring

You have to know the level of information that your target audience handles on your topic. Do not make a presentation about something that everyone already knows, remember that you always have to contribute something new, reveal some truth, or solve a problem.

What Is The Real Motivation To Make The Presentation

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is knowing why you are the one or the one chosen to make the presentation. Do you master something that others don’t know? Do you know how to convey the message better than another? Do you want to position yourself as an expert in any subject.

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