How WordPress 301 Redirect Tool Is So Special?

While browsing some websites, you might have landed on 301 redirect pages, where you were automatically taken to a new page. This 301 code means that the page is moved permanently. 

What is a 301 redirect tool? 

A WP 301 redirect plugin sends a short message to the site visitors that the page location has been moved. Then their browser automatically directs them towards the relevant and chosen new destination page. The 301 is a universal status code designed in HTTP for permanent redirection. There are other redirects like the 302 and 307, which have specific functions. However, 301 redirect is special!

Why is WP 301 redirect so special?

Over a period of time, when your website or blog grows, you might need to move pages. For example, you might want to add Flickr images to your blog, and want the traffic to be diverted to that new page. With redirects, you can transfer the users landing on a old page, to a new post. 301 redirects are really useful when a page or post gets deleted, or when the permalink/s gets changed. 

If you ignore the redirection, it will show a 404 error, which basically tells the visitors that the page is not found. It can be frustrating to the users, if they reach the 404 dead-end. On the other hand, a 301 status code redirects them automatically to the content they came in search of. Thus you get to maintain your visitors and traffic along with the old page’s authority. Visit to learn how to install and use the WP 301 plugin. 

Users can set the WP 301 redirect plugin in half a second. You can manage and create URL redirects with ease. The plugin is compatible with every theme, and other plugins. Traffic hitting the 404 page gets actively monitored, and whenever possible, they are redirected to the relevant and improved page. 

In the front-end, the 301 WP redirect plugin does not need extra JS or CSS files. Thus you don’t need to be concerned about your site’s speed getting lagged. The two tasks the plugin does is –

  • Redirects the visitor landing on the old post to the new one.
  • Indicates the search engine to index and transfer the old page’s link juice to the new page.

If an old and unnecessary page still exist, or if it does not get redirected to a appropriate page, then all the valuable inbound links can get lost. You will need to start SEO once again from scratch. 

What happens if 301 redirects get ignored?

When search engines hit 404 error page several times, and identify a high level of bounce rate, they will red-flag that page. 404 error codes for search engine is a waste of time for crawlers, and increase in bounces rate means bad user-experience.

Google eliminates the dead pages along with the quality links associated in it. This impacts your domain authority because every page on your site will add to the overall domain ranking. Therefore opt to WP 301 redirect Plugin! 

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