NetbaseQuid- A Look at Emerging Trends in Social Media Posts

There are several emerging trends in social media that businesses should look out for in the near future. Social media has revolutionized advertising and business promotions aimed at making businesses familiar to potential clients. Technology on the other hand has been incorporated in Social media activities and has helped widen the reach of these posts. Here are some of the emerging trends in social media posts.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the main emerging trends in social media that the business world should watch out for. The world is currently battling a pandemic, thus prompting most people to work online. However, they still seek virtual interactions to communicate with other people across the world. A fine example is the Oculus Virtual Reality program developed by Facebook from early 2021

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, also known as AR has incorporated digital visual programs using competitive intelligence to create a replica of the actual physical world. Technology has been incorporated in this emerging trend to improve sensory and sound stimuli that make AR an actual reality. Augmented Reality is popular among companies dealing with mobile computing.

  1. Social Media Commerce

Despite the raging pandemic clouding the world, business and commerce must continue. This is why many companies have invested in social media commerce where technology has been adopted to create easier and convenient buying or selling of goods online. Businesses have continued to set up online store fronts where clients can easily access goods of their preference.

NetbaseQuid-Achieving Business Goals

NetbaseQuid has continued to merge both technology and constant innovation to realize the achievement of business goals. The company has gone out of its way to develop a complex program known as the natural language processing technology to breakdown complicated language. NetbaseQuid helps achieve business goals in the following ways.

  1. Analytics

NetbaseQuid is heavily invested in analytics and competitive intelligence to obtain data that allows for evaluation of business performance. Analytics also facilitates for informed future planning and effective problem solving.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence plays a great role in handling activities that seem to be repetitive. NetbaseQuid has ventured into the AI industry to improve automation, data processing and analytics all together.

  1. Advertising Personalization

Also known as targeted advertising, personalization of advertising through competitive intelligence by NetbaseQuid ensures that adverts reach the right audience by collecting valuable information about customer preferences and insights.

Emerging Trends in Data Analytics and Business Insights

  1. Data Security

The assurance of data security through competitive intelligence has been a major concern for most companies. Various policies and acts have been developed by different countries to ensure data security and proper safety of users’ private information. Companies around the world have continued to invest in information security tools and software to avoid data breach and loss of information. Consequently, most businesses are now focusing in detection of data breaches and the timely response to them.

  1. SaaS BI

Numerous businesses across the globe have seen the need to adopt the SaaS technology to improve their business analytics. This technology plays a great role in allowing companies to perform their own data analysis despite their geographical location. Due to the ongoing pandemic SaaS BI technology has helped many businesses adapt to current and future changes in business operations.

  1. Prescriptive and Predictive Analytic Tools

Currently, business success is dependent on the future and is geared to provide answers and insights of what lies in the future. Predictive analysis is the extraction and evaluation of current information to plan for the future. Prescriptive analysis on the on the hand is tasked with evaluating probabilities of the near future which helps in informed decision making.

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