Reasons Why You Should Embrace Smart Building Lighting

Smart building creation is the main focus of LED iBond. All the operations of an intelligent building are automatically controlled. Processes like lighting, ventilation, heating, and security can be remotely controlled when connected to the lighting systems.

With Led iBond, smart building lighting technology is the solution you need for lighting, security and ventilation.

 Why Choose LED IBond Smart Building Lighting Technology?

LED iBond smart building lighting technology has the following features which supersede all the other conventional lighting technologies.

1. Innovative Products

 Led iBond offers a wide range of lighting technologies which significantly improves your home and office. The flexibility of LED iBond Tracy elements design will transform your office and family into a serene environment.

The smart building lighting system technology creatively varies the light intensity and colour temperature depending on the day’s time. This crafted solution can transform a dull workplace into a comfortable and beautiful environment.

 The smart lighting system can also be customized to fit different workspaces. This variation enhances the mood of the employees, increasing their productivity.

LED iBond technology has IoT sensors which are seamlessly integrated into the lighting system. The lighting system, which is only 6mm thick provides Led lighting, which is highly efficient. The IoT device has inbuilt sensors which can detect Carbon Dioxide and movement.

2. Saves Costs

 The LED iBond smart building lighting system use less electrical power compared to the other technologies. You can run your data and lighting to a length of up to 50 metres using a single electric cable.

With smart lighting systems, only the areas that are in use receive lighting. The motion sensors can detect human presence and automatically control the light.

 The LED iBond bulbs also use less energy compared to fluorescent bulbs. Energy efficiency will save you a lot on electricity costs and subsequently holds the environment.

And, with Discount Power rates, you’ll be able to monitor your expenditure and never go over your budget on your power bill.

3. Flexibility

 The LED iBond smart lighting technology is highly flexible and can be adapted for big projects. LED iBond has successfully delivered stylish lighting shelves and inserts to big institutions.

 Advanced lighting sensors automatically adjust the level of lighting depending on the natural light intensity. This means that the lighting sensors decrease the light during day time, thus saving on electricity consumption.

4. Improves Security

 Sound lighting system enhances the safety of a workplace. The LED iBond lighting system will sufficiently illuminate your work environment reducing workplace-related crimes. The lighting system has motion sensors which automatically puts the lights on in case of human intrusion.

The smart lighting building system can also be integrated with smart cameras. You will be able to see from the cameras anybody entering your office or home compound. Monitoring movement in your workplace or home environment is one way of upgrading security.

5. Remote Control

 The LED iBond smart building lighting technology can be controlled from anywhere. With Android or iOS gadget, you can control the lighting system remotely. With intelligent iBond LED technology, you literary have your light switch wherever you go.

You can also integrate the lighting, security and other smart home systems and control them from one device. Remote control enhances the security of your home and office eve when you are away. You can also monitor whether the lights are on or off. Controlling the lighting ad security system centrally enhances your security.

 6. Utilization of the Current Technologies

The LED iBond smart building lighting technology has an inbuilt technology which easily connects with your smartphone Wi-Fi. In more advanced workplaces ad homes, the intelligent LEDs can be integrated into a hub.

7. Uses less Space

Advanced LED iBond technologies uses small space. Thus it can be installed in any area that has wired electricity. This makes it ideal for offices and homes that have limited space. The advanced smart LED system is compatible with ay light source.

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