Should You Get Dental Veneers?

Veneers can be used on teeth that need a filling or on discolored teeth as a result of a root canal. A lot of dentists also use veneers to change the size and shape of the tooth, so it will look more in line with the other ones in the row. Thus, if you have broken or chipped teeth, you can get veneers to make them look normal. Sometimes, veneers are used to fill the gaps between teeth and make them look healthy in place. A lot of people lose their confidence because of how their teeth look. For many people, veneers are the right solutions to their dental and cosmetic issues.  

Kinds of Veneers

Dental veneers can be porcelain, composite, instant, and removable. Porcelain veneers are the best option since they last the longest. Composite veneers are made up of a slightly cheaper material that is not as strong as porcelain. A Dentist Providence RI may use these veneers for dealing with smaller issues such as a chipped tooth. Meanwhile, instant veneers are premade and require just one appointment. Although they are cheap, they don’t sit well on the tooth. Those who are looking for a short-term solution for chipped or broken teeth can opt for removable veneers. These veneers are custom made and can be removed whenever you like. 

Dental Conditions that Require Veneers

Below are dental conditions that may necessitate the use of dental veneers:

  • Chipped teeth. Having a chipped tooth can be quite embarrassing and you would want to have a form of restorative therapy to fill up the space. A dental veneer can help bring your teeth back to top shape.
  • Stained tooth. Your teeth may get stained from the foods and drinks you consume and some drugs your take. Often, tetracycline stains on the teeth may be permanent since the drug finds its way deep down into the roots of the gum line. Then, they become a part of the formative component of the tooth when it develops. A permanent veneer or porcelain veneer is the ideal solution to this dental issue.
  • Misaligned teeth. Dental veneers attach to the teeth comfortably. They are a good alternative to braces which tend to feel a bit uncomfortable at times. 

Nobody is born with a perfect smile. Often, the symmetrical smiles shown by celebrities are a part of hard work and maintenance at the dentist’s office. Unless you are suffering from a certain disease or have a history of one, there’s no reason you can’t get veneers to get a perfect smile. 


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