Third-party applications and services on League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is an online game with a strict policy on customer information. The has been popular among the people not only because of its gameplay but also due to the policies it has been following. It has led to secure online gameplay without exposing the user’s data. The company has been following similar outlook towards the use of third party service by the players to achieve higher ranks and additional perks in the game. It has been made sure that no one uses any restricted services on the Lol server that can lead to an account suspension or ban. However, a few services have been allowed and permitted by the game that can be used. Although, these services do not hamper the gameplay

Boosting Services

This is one of the major third-party services that are used by the players of Lol. So elo boosting league of legends, is mainly a service where a user gives the access of his online gaming account to an elo player and the player in return for payment will boost the rank for the account. Once the desired rank or level has been attained as per the owner of the account, it is given back with complete access. This service is allowed for the game as it does not impact or changes the parameters of the gameplay itself.

Restricted third-party services

 Any third party services that modify the gameplay of Lol and provide an unnecessary advantage to a player is not allowed. Some of such services also come under gameplay hacks. In such services, the player gets an extra advantage while playing like increased health, more shield, etc, although it is not allowed by the game server. If detected such accounts are banned and not allowed to play the game in the future. Therefore, please use any third party services in accordance with the game policies.

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