Various Types of Chatbots and How They Help Businesses

Chatbots from firms such as Convertobot can handle all your customer interactions. You can substitute a significant number of employees with a single bot.

Chatbots have already been successfully implemented by many companies. However, some companies have also used them to no avail mostly because they did not know which chatbot would best suit their business.

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots can be categorised into two general groups: those built into messengers and those that function as stand-alone applications.

Chatbots built into messengers are recommendable at first as there are numerous people using them already. Your service will hence receive the recognition it aptly deserves.

Chatbots incorporated into messengers have the most monthly users. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat are the three sites with most monthly users proving the statement above.

When developing chatbots, you will usually either choose one that learns or one that does not.

Chatbots That Learn

Chatbots can use machine learning to learn hence becoming better with time. Machine learning chatbots are not as complicated as you might think.

A special feature about chatbots that learn is that they understand natural speech as opposed to scripted chatbots which cannot. Chatbots that learn understand instructions and queries in a way that people would usually phrase them.

These chatbots feel like you are having a conversation with a friend. They can tell jokes and you can ask them questions about any topic. They also get better with time and deliver a more human experience.

Chatbots That Don’t Learn

Chatbots that don’t learn are designed to respond to specific directives and answer questions phrased in a specific manner. Such chatbots make use of scripted conversations.

Most business prefer such chatbots as they are cheap and easy to make. A scripted chatbot can only respond to a specific set of queries with an appropriate set of answers.

A conversation with a chatbot that does not learn can only take a limited number of pre-defined paths. Therefore, users are sometimes not allowed to type anything and they instead choose one from a preselected list of topics and questions which the bot can comprehend.

A chatbot that does not learn can still perform its functions if it is well programmed. One can use such a chatbot as long as it does so despite its limitations.

How Chatbots Help Businesses

Regardless of the type of chatbot you are using, there are universal benefits customers can derive from the use of chatbots.

One of the benefits is that the chatbot can substitute for emails. It can respond to each customer individually and save you the trouble of having to personally read and reply to plenty of emails.

A chatbot can also manage your sales funnels. Simply put, the bot will select the best tactic to convert site visitors into customers.

Chatbots that learn build customer relationships. You can use chatbot conversations to present more personalised content to your customers. They will feel more connected to your business in this way. Increased interactions with customers also improve customer relations. The best part is that the bot does it all for you.

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