Why Is SSD Cloud Hosting Server More Efficient Than HDD Powered Cloud Hosting Server?

The web hosting industry is highly aware of the advancements in technology and try to use them to offer the best web hosting services to websites. The technological advancements in the last decade allowed the creation of two new types of web hosting services – VPS Server Hosting and Cloud Web Hosting. Also, a new type of server storage was introduced – Solid State Device or SSD. This is more reliable and efficient than the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

Today, we are going to compare HDD and SSD Cloud Hosting services to help you find the best Cloud Hosting service for your site.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In Cloud Server Hosting, your website data is hosted across a network of servers. This allows the website to take advantage of a lot of features and benefits offered by a Cloud Host like resource scalability, top-notch security, maximum uptime, data redundancy, etc. You can also opt for Unmanaged or Managed Cloud Hosting services.

While traditionally, web servers used HDDs, nowadays, many Cloud Hosting providers have started offering plans that are based on servers using SSDs. There are a few reasons why SSDs are more efficient than HDDs. However, before we proceed, here is a quick look at what SSD Cloud Hosting is –

Let us now understand the reason for the overall efficiency of SSDs

1. Operational Efficiency

SSDs are faster than HDDs. They have faster read/write speeds and can get data within no time. In HDDs, another performance issue was the prolonged waiting period between two requests. With SSDs, these waiting periods can be skipped. Hence, SSD-based Cloud Hosting services have more operational efficiency than HDD-based ones.

2. Reliability

If we look at the architecture, then an HDD had a physically rotating part. This made it prone to wear and tear or damage. Hence, it was impossible to predict when an HDD would stop working. On the other hand, SSDs completely rely on integrated chips (ICs) for storing data. Therefore, there are no physically moving parts, making SSDs more reliable than HDDs and SSD-based Cloud Hosting plans more reliable than HDD-based Cloud Hosting plans.

3. Power Consumption

SSDs have been designed to work optimally with minimal consumption of power. On the other hand, since an HDD has a physically moving part, the power consumption is much higher. Hence, SSD Cloud Hosting plans are more power-efficient than HDD Cloud Hosting plans.

4. Costs

SSDs are costlier than HDDs. Hence, SSD-based Cloud Hosting plans are costlier than HDD-based Cloud Hosting plans. However, the enhanced reliability and efficiency of an SSD makes it highly cost-efficient.

Summing Up

SSDs were launched in 2009 and have been used by hosting companies to offer better hosting services to site owners. While SSD Cloud Hosting plans are more efficient than HDD Cloud Hosting plans, it is important to ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements before making the decision. While HDD-based plans are cheaper, they can work wonders for your site if your requirement is a basic plan. On the other hand, if your site requires a steadier and stable hosting service, then opting for SSD-based Cloud Hosting services makes more sense. Good Luck!

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