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Data Science Course in Bangalore and Machine Learning: The growing Importance

The terms Data science, data analytics, machine learning, AI are all taken to be one and the same by the common people. Whereas the truth is that these are different concepts altogether. This article would be focusing upon making clear what is Data Science and then various aspects of it will be explored.

Data science is a combination of three things together. They are maths and statistics, subject expertise and hacking skills. All the three skills are important to excel in this field. This was defined by Hugh Convay in 2010. If any person is good in all the three areas, then he/she is a data science guy.

Need for Data Science:

In today’s world where everything is moving so quickly and the pace of information flowing is enormous in an organization or individual’s life, it becomes very important to gather data, analyze it and generates results from that data. The age of information and data makes it indispensable for data science training in Bangalore  to take the lead.

How is it done?

It includes data cleansing, preparation and analysis. A scientist in this field collects the data first.  The source of data can be from many places. Once the source allows the data to be collected, then predictive analysis, machine learning and sentiment analysis is used to extract useful insights from the data. This analysis is then used in various purposes. If the whole research is carried out for a business then such research would be used to identify how much sales in a month should be executed or anything else. The data can be used for existing year or for making forecasts also. Therefore, the data can be used for a number of business decisions. It is not just the businesses that need data science, but other fields too, where data needs to be collected, processed and then used.

Analytics, Domain knowledge and programming are the three things that are needed by any individual to become a data scientist. There are a number of courses available in the market for the same, but the contents of the data scientist program are as follows:

  • The scientist should know Python , SAS, R or Scala
  • Knowledge of machine learning
  • Understanding of multiple analytical functions
  • The capability of gathering sense from all sorts of data, be it simple or complex.

A data analyst is the first baby step that needs to be conquered to becoming a data scientist. The person needs to be a master of statistics. Working with data, formation of charts, graphical analysis, regression and co-relation should be covered with precision.

The next step that can be considered important is machine learning. This is nothing but interpretation of the data and projections of the trends that will follow due to the analysis.


The point remains that the gambit of data science is big which engulfs the data analysis and machine learning. A person needs to be good at all these things in order to become a maestro of data science.

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