How Small Business Can Setup Automated Email Campaign Workflow?

Before heading into email marketing, any small business should set up their own automated email campaign workflow (with SendInBlue). This will allow them to grow new leads and new businesses (from new customers or clients).

For all of your automated email campaigns, start with one send time, and then keep experimenting on an ongoing basis.

When you plan your first experiment, you should always start with two emails. The idea behind this split testing is that half of your contacts will receive email version A, and the other half will receive email version B. Exactly what you can test in the two versions of the emails may vary and depend on your end goal. But start with testing the most obvious elements such as varying the email subject lines.

In the email template, ensure you include the photos/images of your product. You may use many different templates for your many different emails. But it is best to keep it simple, and use only few templates, or even only one email template.

When you can, you should include the first name of the contact person (i.e. the receiver) in the email. When you test the subject line, you can test including the receiver’s name in the subject line. It may work well in some cases.

The main subject of your email is about the product. The subject line should include the product name. In the body text of the email, include the details of the product/item.

As best practice, include a link to contact customer support. If you do not have a support team that can cover 24 hours, place a link that goes to the official FAQ page of your website.

To enhance your emails, you can include the mentioning of your related products or products you would also recommend to your contacts when they buy the main product.

You can even place whatever incentives you are to offer your contacts at the end of the email.

Especially for website that are actual an ecommerce business (or online shop), you should work on recovering shopping cart abandonment. Actually to achieve the optimal results, you should configure your abandoned cart sequence based on customer behavior.

Make sure you are properly using tags and lists. They form the bases for you to segment your contacts. When you are able to segment your contacts into different lists or with different tags, you will later be able to send highly customized emails to each segmented group of contacts.


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