How to sell FIFA coins?


FIFA coins are something that can help you to obtain many FIFA items. Getting FIFA coins is not an easy thing to do so I would never recommend you not to sell FIFA coins.

However, if you are a professional FIFA player who has a lot of coins in his account, or you are going to shift to another FIFA edition then you can surely sale those coins and earn some good revenue.

But if you are a beginner, then you must need to sell those coins because you might find it hard afterward to earn back those coins. Below are some of the step via which you can sale your FIFA coins.

Find an individual who needs FIFA coin

The first thing you need to do if you want to sell FIFA coins is that you should search for a person who is in need of FIFA coins. People who need FIFA coins will surely give a higher rate in comparison to a person who is not in need of coins but still purchases it.

So you need to find an individual who lacks FIFA coins. However, make sure that the individual that you are dealing with is trusted. Now the question is how to find such kind of person?

You can use different platforms, including Quora, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and a few more to find such persons.

You can join a various Facebook group related to FIFA coins and ask people to purchase coins from you. At Facebook group associated with FIFA coins, you will find more relevant audience any you chances of getting coins will increase.

Search trusted website

There are many FIFA coins buying and selling websites that are always ready to buy FIFA coins. However, the price offer by these websites are quite low, but it’s a safe way to trade coins, and you don’t need to worry about any scam while dealing with these websites.

Some of the trusted websites for FIFA coins selling is These websites allow the user to sale all consoles coins, including PS4 coins, Xbox One coins, and PC coins. given $ 0, 05 to the user on 5k coins. For $ 0, 09 you can sell up to 10k coins. If you want to sale 50k coins, then you will get the total amount of $ 0, 46 from the website. For 100k coins sale, you can get $ 0, 92. While for 1000k, you will be given $ 9, 17.

This website offer $ 45, 85 for 5000k coins sale. You can get more money if you are dealing with some individual. The price of each installment of the FIFA series and consoles is different.

You can also trade on some other trusted website, but the above-listed websites are trusted and tested by myself. I would recommend you to the first search for an individual who needs FIFA coin because he will give you more money in comparison to these websites.

How to sell FIFA coins without getting banned?

Buying and selling of FIFA coins are not allowed by the officials. So there are bright chances that your account might get banned while transferring the coins.

However, if you follow some specific methods, then you don’t need to worry about this issue. You can use the transfer market to sell or buy any amount of coins. But how to sell/buy coins via transfer market?

Well, it’s quite simple, you just need to go to the transfer market and place a player for sale and set the desire coins amount for that player. Now open the other account in which you want to add those coins, or you can ask the other buying user to open the other account and purchase the player that you place on the transfer market.

In this way, you will be able to get any amount of coins much easier without caring about your account. But make sure that everything looks real, so your account doesn’t get a ban.

This is the only way through which you can trade FIFA coins because EA Sports doesn’t offer any support for transferring FIFA coins from one account to another.


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