Important features of controlio

Controlio, the employee monitoring tool, has both on-premises and cloud-based options. It is easy to track the computer screen and the activity of the employers from the office. Every company wants the best of an employee to contribute to the company. controlio software helps to get the contribution. So, it is a must needed software to help the growth of the company. Let us discuss its main features.

Controlio has the tools to measure the productivity score, active and idle time and many more things. It always keeps track of unwanted and distracting activities that is not fruitful for the company. It has the option to show the productivity score for separate users and separate departments. There is also an option to see the activity ratio which is the ratio of productivity and active time of doing your work. The high activity ratio will contribute to a happy growth for the company while the low activity ratio will seriously affect the company.

The software can track the real-time activity on work computers. It also has the provision to see the data daily or monthly. The diagram that has work hours combined with the productivity of an employer helps to visualize the whole scenario of the office employees’ activities. With time tracking, the software has specified tool for continuous screen monitoring. The tool records every second the screen contents of the all-work computers and produces video recording links for every alert, web and app usage. We can export the videos to mp4 or other formats

Apps and web tracking is also an important tool of controlio software. You will get detailed information about the apps and websites that are visited on the work computers. It has the provision to restrict some websites and apps on the computers during the company hours. You can also block USB flash drives on office computers. The keystrokes that you typed is get stored within the database of the software. As soon as any non-permissible or unwanted activity is found the user gets notified. Then the board members can take the severe decision again the guilty depending on the proof that is captured at that time.

The software has a hierarchical organization structure and web filtering option. It also supports multi-login. Data that are produced can be exported into pdf or another file format for future reference. It also has the provision for 2-step authentication which will add more security. If anyone wants to log in to the account, he/she have to need 2 authenticators. There is also an option of stealth mode where an employer’s activity will capture without being noticed. It is a helpful option to prevent your employee from discovering the truth.

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