About Legacy Configuration Data

For those who are yet unfamiliar, LIMS, or a Laboratory Information Management System, is a type of software that allows companies to manage samples as well as related data. Great for laboratories of all kinds, LIMS that allow for the automation of workflows manage samples, and integrate instruments, among other things. Moreover, they also allow labs to reduce reliable results at a quicker rate that is also more efficient as well as the ability to track data from various sequencing operations over a set period, and across experiments, that help to improve general efficiency. Companies such as Blaze Systems are capable of installing your LIMS in a quick, efficient manner.

The Necessary Migration of Legacy Configuration Data

Simply put, legacy configuration data is an intricate element of a LIMS. Using two distinct types of legacy data, legacy configuration data (which is defined as the definitions of analyte, product, method, customers, specifications, products, etc.), and legacy history data (which is defined as the samples and tests ran using legacy data collection methods and tools), those installing your LIMS must also migrate this data into your new database. This is an intricate part of installing a fully functional Legacy Information Management System.

Blaze Systems Legacy Configurations Data

In particular, Blaze Systems has developed its own method of migrating and configuring this data. Using a data migration wizard and toolkit, which was created to automate and streamline the process, Blaze Systems has made it possible to save companies lots of time by converting this data into the special BlazeLIMS format, which makes it possible for this data to load automatically. This, in turn, allows Blaze Systems to be able to install these systems much faster, efficiently, and at a lower price than most competitors. Moreover, this also allows them to provide companies with a fixed price before completing the work, rather than charging depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated. This makes them a go-to company for a vast array of companies and organizations that have an abundance of legacy data and wish to have a LIMS installed quickly, and at minimum cost.

Overall, legacy configuration data is an intricate part of the installation of a Legacy Information Management System. However, given the large amounts of time that many companies can take to migrate and configure this data, many companies believe that they cannot afford to upgrade to this highly beneficial system. Nevertheless, Blaze Systems has created its own method of quickly and efficiently transporting and configuring this data that makes it cost-effective for companies of all kinds.

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