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SEO is short for search engine optimization and translates into optimization for search engines. But what does SEO mean beyond this minimalist explanation? In essence, SEO defines the set of strategies and techniques used to increase the traffic quality of a site, coming from unpaid search engine results. Here it is necessary to detail two aspects: which are the most used search engines and how we distinguish “unpaid results” from “paid results”. From the seo company Brisbane you can get the best now.

What are the most used search engines

According to statistics, Google has a monopoly on the search engine market, both globally and in local. The most used search engines globally are the following, according to a statistic covering the period May 2019 – May 2020:

  • Google – 92.06%
  • Bing – 2.61%
  • Yahoo – 1.79%
  • Baidu – 1.16%
  • YANDEX – 0.56%

We think it’s clear why when we talk about search engine optimization, we’re mostly talking about Google optimization. Social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Reedit, Pinterest etc. and video platforms such as YouTube also have integrated search engine specific functions, but we will not talk about this type of search engine in this article. Check this link for Best SEO Singapore.

How do we distinguish “unpaid results” from “paid results?”

Unpaid results are those that occur naturally when we search in a search engine. By “natural” we mean that those are the most relevant answers to our searches. Relevance is determined by a complex formula with hundreds of variables, namely the search algorithm. It should be noted here that the natural results, also called organic, are the result of SEO optimization.

Paid results are those that occur as a result of an automatic bidding system in which site owners who opt for paid advertising participate. In essence, the site owner pays a certain amount of money for each click on his site (hence the name “pay per click”, short for PPC.)

If we refer strictly to the Google search engine, this type of promotion is also known as Google Ads promotion. Easily distinguish this category of results by being preceded by the “Ad” tag.

How SEO can help you

If you have a site through which you want to reach an audience whether we are talking about buyers, prospects or readers – SEO is the method of online promotion that can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some statistics that will help you understand why:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • 80% of online purchases start with a Google search
  • 75% of users only access the first page of results

To achieve this goal, the site must be organized in such a way that it can be “understood” by search engines and especially to be “considered” relevant, useful and valuable in relation to people’s searches. Existing competition in many areas sometimes makes this difficult.

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