Pros and Cons of a Few Brands of Electric Standing Desks


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The electric sit to stand desk is a desk which moves from the heights of sitting to standing. The electric standing desks are operated with the push of a button. There are different brands of electric standing desks with various ranges of prices such as the NewheightsElegante XT standing desk which starts with1347.99 USD, VertDesk v3 starting with 531.99 USD, Xdesk Terra that starts with 1693 USD, VeriDeskProDesk 60 starting 995 USD, the Uplift Desk v2 with starting price of 540 USD and many more varieties. You can choose anyone from the above electric standing desks from Primecables electric standing desk that suits your budget.

The NewHeightElegante XT desk surface along with the frame components are manufactured in the US including the assembly processes. The features of the NewHeight XT include custom extruded aluminium columns, 325 lbs lifting capacity, a large 27” adjustment range, and a premium electronics packs from Logicdata. You can find high-quality components such as the German manufacturing motors and gears inside the columns. However, this electric standing desk is one of the very expensive devices which automatically discourages the budget- conscious people. Another component of NewHeight XT which you may not like is its louder motion which comes around 60 to 64 decibels while in motion.

The VertDesk v3 electric standing desk features traditional cross support along with columns made out of extra thick steel tubes. These thick tubes are designed in order to eliminate flexing that was found in many standing desks. In addition to this, the potential for loose connection is also eliminated in this electric standing desk with the feet and upper supports welded to the columns.

The VertDesk v3 interior is furnished with high-quality components like the electric desks which cost highly expensive. The inside of VertDesk v3 comprises of German manufactured a single stage cold-rolled gears and single motor. One of the premium electronic packs from the Laing Innotech with GyroSense technology is incorporated in the VertDesk v3 which makes it one of the best collision avoidance systems. This electric standing desk has an average adjustment speed of 1.55” per second and is one of the fastest electric standing desks in comparison to other standing desks. The VertDesk v3 can easily lift 275 lbs to 350 lbs while turned off overload protection but its speed decreases to 1.35” to 1.27” per second.

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