Broadband Internet is the need of the hour. We cannot deny the importance of good broadband in our house. From our streaming to an online website, everything requires a good broadband connection to keep things running. Fortunately, amazing internet providers are working in New York that offers high-speed internet with affordable monthly charges.

The speeds are consistent and therefore you can enjoy seamless connectivity throughout.

However, the question is whether broadband is good in New York. The answer to this is not simple and it depends on the area you are living in and the provider that you are with.

There are a handful of great internet providers operating in New York and therefore, we came up with a list of all the top broadband providers. Without further ado, let us begin:


There is hardly any cable provider in the United States with this extensive coverage. Spectrum is a household name and the coaxial cable network is spread evenly throughout the 42 states. This started right after the merger of Bright House Network and Timer Warner Cable with Charter. Today, Spectrum cable is the number one choice of an average American consumer when it comes to cable broadband.

Spectrum internet has amazing features. No matter what internet plan you get, the internet modem is free and included with the package. Spectrum offers various internet speeds for your home and office. It entirely depends upon your monthly usage whether you want to get the basic speed i.e. 100 Mbps or get the highest possible speed i.e. 940 Mbps.

However, no matter what speed you get, you are going to get the same speed. In addition to high-speed, Spectrum vows to keep your home network secure. They achieve it by providing a free security suite for your connection. You can upgrade or downgrade your internet speeds at any time, as there are no contracts.


RCN is another great choice for New York. It offers both cable and fiber services in selected areas. It was originally founded as a cable provider and it entered the ISP landscape in 1997. RCN does not require you to sign a contract. This situation is ideal for people that prefer month to month. RCN has different plans ranging from 25 Mbps to 940 Mbps in download speed. RCN does offer affordable plans for low-income households. If you have extensive data usage, you should get 500 Mbps or 940 Mbps. This plan is ideal for ultra-high-definition streaming and online gaming. Games like Call of Duty and Fornite require a constant and rapid response from the gaming server. Therefore, only high-speed internet with less latency can do the job of providing a smooth gaming experience.

Verizon FiOS

Many fiber providers are entering the internet landscape. The fiber internet is the future. The technology uses special fiber optics that are made up of glass and transmit high-speed internet. The connection is reliable and there is little room for connectivity issues as the internet speeds are blazing fast. However, the only drawback of fiber internet is that the installation requires a massive infrastructure cost. Not many providers in the United States are willing to pay that price. Verizon FiOS delivers consistent speeds up to 940 Mbps. It has 83% availability in New York. The most basic plan starts at $39.99 per month. The download speeds range from 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps. There are different plans to accommodate all sorts of the household.


Hughesnet is a satellite provider that means upon installation you will have to make space for a dish on your balcony or the rooftop. Satellite internet is generally notorious for all the issues that come with the connection. Therefore, satellite internet is the last resort. If you have absolutely no other option, only then you can get the internet.

Hughesnet is not for anyone. It is for people with basic usage. If you are a workaholic and want just a basic internet plan for all the emails and other work-related stuff, Hughesnet is the right choice for you, if there are not any options available. However, if you are into streaming, downloading, or gaming, it is not the right choice. The monthly data is very limited.


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