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We Put Squarespace Up Against The World Famous WordPress

It can be mind-boggling to conclude which of the leading website building platforms is better- Squarespace vs.WordPress.

Squarespace is an all-in-one hosted website builder with numerous templates and features. While WordPress is a great option if you are looking to create a large and scalable website. Both the websites are like buying a condominium where you get access to everything you want; you can manage things independently but may have to abide by the rules created by the owner.

Move ahead, let’s quickly understand the key difference between both platforms.

1.Target audience

  • Squarespace is a platform created for users who lack technical skills and create their own websites without coding.
  • Squarespace offers you a user-friendly interface with an editor with a predefined structure, so you don’t disrupt the website’s functionality, and lastly, you get high-quality templates.
  • WordPress is also a popular choice among people who lack web development skills. However, the fact is that you might create a website on WordPress without the intricacies of coding, but you might have to acquire the skill when you look forward to configuring the WordPress website.

2.Ease of Use/Interface

  • Squarespace has a straightforward feature to edit the content. You simply locate the content you want to change and click the edit strip, and it will tweak accordingly.
  • The drag-and-drop editor of Squarespace makes it easier to customize the content- drag text and image blocks, export images from other sections of your website, etc.
  • The CMS (content management system) of WordPress is also not difficult to manage either.
  • The key difference between both platforms is to perform on-page editing. The on-page editing with Squarespace is easy, and you can see the changes you make simultaneously on the page.
  • The on-page editing with WordPress means you make the changes in the back end and then preview them before hitting the publish button.

3.Site Maintenance

  • Squarespace performs all the technical aspects of your website, so you don’t haven’t to worry about the maintenance of your website.
  • With WordPress, this is not the case; you are responsible for maintaining your website, ensuring you have the latest version installed for your WordPress, and updating your plugins and themes.
  • Remember that automation may offer you more flexibility, but updating your website timely can make it vulnerable to hackers.

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