Get A Clear Idea Of Employee Tasks Organizational Structure Hierarchy

The introduction of Employee Service Portal in the system offers a clear picture to the employees about certain tasks, goals and also provides relevant information that will let the person know about the organization. An employee can learn about the organizational structure and hierarchy i.e. he will know about the manager he is reporting and also about all his peers. It becomes easy for the employees to reach out to the right person in the organization and carry certain tasks that help in collaboration. A lot of tasks like web clock-in feature is introduced which simplifies the way of tracking the attendance and provides flexibility to check attendance logs, much like you would be able to do with employee time clock app.

A ticket can be raised if there is any flag in the attendance and the log data with specific time information can be regularized. With the introduction of this integration in the self-service portal, the pain of calculating attendance and any irregularity has been taken off and now it becomes easier to adjust the leaves and attendance easily.

Streamlining the Declaration of Investments and Inputs about Payroll

At the Payroll Software interface, the pre-defined forms are available for employees who have made the process easier to fill and submit the declaration specifically for the purpose of filing the taxes. The user-friendly has made the overall experience of declaring investments, deduction of tax and knowing the status of the same a lot easier than ever before. As per the government regulations and changing policies and compliance, it is easier for employees to update the information anytime. The hectic and complex task of maintaining a payroll has now become simpler.

Through the software, you can now manage the notice period adjustments, leave balances, encashment of leaves during exit, managing the recovery of the asset either due to damage or loss or while leaving the organization. It has increased the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

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