How Can You Make Money Using Reseller Hosting?

The demand for web hosting in India is on the rise, and it presents a wonderful business opportunity. But getting into hosting can be costly as it involves a substantial initial capital investment to set up the hosting infrastructure. But there are other ways to get into the hosting business. Reseller Hosting opens the doorway into hosting at an affordable cost. Your only major expense is your Hosting Reseller plan.

As a Hosting Reseller, you can sell hosting packages to your customers as if they were your own. Let us understand what is reseller web hosting, in brief.

You select a suitable Hosting Reseller plan from your hosting provider, divide it up into smaller packages and sell them to your customers. For them, there will be no difference. You’re just like any regular hosting provider for your customers.

Let’s see how you can make money using Reseller Hosting.

Some basic requirements

Though Reseller Hosting is an easy business to get into, it is a service-oriented business. When you sell a service, your role does not end at the sale. You have a responsibility towards your customers to ensure that your service lives up to your customers’ expectations. It takes a lot of work. While you do not need in-depth technical expertise, you should at least have an understanding of basic technical issues and their resolutions.

Then you will also have to make efforts to market your business. It is especially important in the initial days when your business is new and relatively unknown. The following video explains how you can market your Reseller Hosting business:

Apart from these duties, you will also have to keep track of your expenses so that they do not cross your budgetary limits. Once your business takes off, you will have to keep track of customer billing, and the payments received. These are some basic requirements of the hosting reseller business.

Offer customised packages

Reseller Hosting in India is very competitive. But the bigger players in the hosting market have certain limitations in the plans that they offer. They offer generic plans in order to take advantage of economies of scale. Simply put, it is cheaper to offer generalised plans. If you want your business to stand out, offer customised hosting packages. Understand your client’s requirements and tailor a hosting package accordingly. Your customers will appreciate it.

Corner a niche market

One more way of reducing competition is to operate in an area where there is less competition. Start small and find a niche that has the potential to further your business and cater to that market. This way, your business will grow gradually but steadily. In fact, you can specialise your business for the niche and eventually target the national market.

Run promotions and offers

This may sound contrary to the idea of making money. But offers and discounts are great motivators that can sway the potential customers who are on the fence about buying your services. An offer can be as simple as “Best Linux Reseller Hosting at 25% discount” or can be a more elaborate offering. Whatever you lose in pricing, you will make up in volume.

When you put in the necessary efforts into your Reseller Hosting business, you will definitely make money. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Reseller Hosting account today and start your journey towards huge profits and recurring income.

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