How Scrabble Can Bring The Family Closer

Back in the day, my parents would bring out the board games and we would all sit down at the dining table for game night. I would be all competitive and outshine my siblings over Scrabble. They would all get annoyed and ask to play a different game. But gone are the days where we would all share a laugh over who’s choice of words are better.

There is nothing like playing a board game to bond over with your loved ones. Scrabble has brought together families for decades. The board game has brought competitive fun to every household. Family members would all sum up their scores and one-up the other, who has a higher score than who.

We’ll teach you how you can gain an edge over other family members. You will definitely be the undisputed best in your family. Heck, continue reading and game night might leave you with a family of scrabble word finders.

Here is why Scrabble can be both an enjoyable game and a learning opportunity for you and your family.

Develop Better Vocabulary

Scrabble can be difficult. It is one of the most brain developing games out in the market. Some players allow the use of dictionaries while in-game. Stuck with a limiting number of tiles? Then you would definitely need some knowledge of some tricky words.One of the best ways to get to improve your vocabulary would be by using the help of a pomodoro timer in order to help you set the proper time management and prioritization for faster overall growth. . This tool is going to help you memorize words faster and quicker through scientific methods of memorizing and taking short breaks.

In playing Scrabble, you use your vocabulary to your advantage. You create meaningful words that would fit the available tiles you have drawn. For example, “Za” is a valid word that is short for the word pizza. Za is an acceptable word in Scrabble. For those blind to this fact, you could let an eleven-pointer word slip out of your hands.

You are more likely to increase your kids’ vocabulary by playing Scrabble. Kids would pick up new words, not only simple ones but also the difficult ones that they may use in school. By involving your family in a board game such as Scrabble, you can make it a learning experience. You can stumble upon a word and you and your kid could learn about its definition while you’re at it.

Important Life Skills for Kids

Aside from enhancing their vocabulary, Scrabble can teach a lot of things to kids. It can help with their spelling, memory, and even with their basic addition. Calculating words in every direction possible would help them in their mental maths. Their ability to come up and recall words at a given amount of time would also be useful in the long run.

Game night with the family also brings up some advantages. A game of Scrabble teaches learning individuals how to handle stress, build trust, and the value of sportsmanship. It also teaches kids important cognitive and creative skills all without knowing. It becomes a mode for not only kids but for adults as well to focus up and construct creative words.

A Night Away From the Screen

Young kids nowadays, even ourselves, spend more time on phones and gadgets. Most of the time, our eyes and brains would get distracted by the games, the movies, and for some, the unfinished work. This is not a healthy set up for learning kids. What they need is more study time and a close relationship with their parents who could help them learn.

You know what they say, leave the work at work. Be in the moment and spend time with your family as much as possible. Appreciate the times you get to have in your home with your family and focus on that. Work will still be work in the morning, while you and your kids would be a day older.

Spending time with your children playing Scrabble can boost up family time. Once we step foot in our home, spending time with the family should be the top priority. Encourage your family to a game, set a reward for the winner, and see how the room would liven up.

Final Thoughts

Our daily lives are hectic and full of stress. Being with our families can make all our tough days worth it. The feeling of being gathered by people who you love can be so fulfilling. A great thing to spend time together by playing scrabble. I guarantee that you and your family would find that bonding over a board game can be a great thing to do together.

Encouraging them to a game of Scrabble has so many advantages both short term and long term. Kids would develop a lot of skills while bonding over a simple board game like scrabble. Adults can develop and learn new stuff too. But for adults, I believe that bonding time is more important. Scrabble is a great board game you can play in the comfort of your own home.

With all the stress from the outside, your family should be your safe haven. Your relationship with your family is important. Hearing your family’s playful debates or laughter in the living room should be music to your ears after a long day. I bet those competitive family interactions would be a relaxing scene to witness and be in.

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