How to Access the Darknet in 2019?

The darknet is not accessible to the general public. It needs certain levels of specifications for one to come across sites that have information that need not necessarily be available on a regular search engine. The darknet is not just a single site, it is a series or a web of various sites that have been interconnected and blocked from the site of a regular internet user.

One can have access to these sites only through a darknet browser. These sites are usually tricky to find and a bit difficult to navigate, hence it often requires a guide or an experienced person to ensure that one doesn’t cause any trouble while browsing through the darknet.

It is necessary to have an understanding of the workings of different browsers and search engines, a few of the most renowned darknet browsers have been given below.

  • Tor Browser: It is the most common browser that has been in use for quite some time now, considered to be one of the most trustworthy search engines that most people turn to when they require access to the darknet.
  • Orfox: Of recent this browser has been gaining popularity due to its fast pace and wide range of access networks.
  • Xb Browser: This is one of the less popular search engines sites, but it still has a lot of frequent visitors who take it a step forward to indulge in the shady market of the darknet.
  • To gain access to the secret world that exists within the darknet, an individual needs to follow a series of proceedings. Listed below are a few steps that one needs to follow to have easy access to the darknet in 2019.
  • Download the browser of your choice, say for example the Tor Browser. This is done to gain access to the various interconnections of the darknet. This is the primary and most important step that needs to be carried out.
  • One needs to keep in mind that, this underground world is filled with mislabelled identities. Hence, it is a necessity to mask one’s identity while accessing these sites, to ensure that one remains untraceable and anonymous. To accomplish this, one needs to make use of a VPN.
  • Now log on to a search engine through the browser, this allows individuals to surf through the various possibilities that lie with the darknet.

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