Is Your Laptop Fan Working?

Laptop fans are an essential element of cooling down the interior workings of your laptop. They draw warm off the motherboard and CPU and strike hot air far from them, much like a radiator fan impacts warm air away from an automobile engine. Overheating of your computer can create malfunctions and damages to crucial parts within, which can suggest expensive fixings. Examining your laptop computer’s fan is important as well as simple adequate that you should do it with some consistency.

  • Action #1

Switch on your laptop. Depending on the type of laptop, you should have the ability to tell where a cooling fan is located and from where it strikes the hot air out. Position your ear up to the body of your laptop and listen for the fan. If it is running, you should be able to hear it. If you can’t hear it, you can try more techniques to test the fan.

  • Action #2

Place a paper in front of the follower result. You might not be able to listen to the fan, still, you will be able to see if a paper is being blown around, even if it’s simply a little bit. This will likewise establish if the fan is working or otherwise.

  • Action #3

Download and install and run a program such as SpeedTest, BurninTest, or Core Temp. These programs, all free online, press your computer processor to its limits and evaluate the speed as well as warm air coming off the CPU. It evaluates the tension that your computer can take care of, in addition to diagnosing errors brought on by heat. Through these outcomes, you might figure out how successfully your laptop computer fan is carrying out, and consequently, if it is functioning properly.

If not, you should call for Dell repair services, and then they will fix the problem for you.

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