Unparalleled VoC Social Media Tools by NetBase

Most people are aware of the algorithms that populate the Internet and impact daily life. Media outlets have made social media tools a part of discourse. One would think that this innovation has begun to stabilize. However, the impact that technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) expect to have on the global economy is great. Consider how young these AIs still are. Analytics companies realize this and significantly investment in the development of social media tools.

The Emergence of Better Social Media Tools for Marketing

Emerging technologies have enabled Netbase to release an innovative, out-of-the-box social media tools. The company’s new cross-channel Customer Experience Analytics solution received much praise from the marketing community. NetBase incorporates its Voice of the Customer (VoC) into a solution that comes with unparalleled performance. Here is an overview of the advantages that NetBase VoC delivers:

  • consolidation of data analysis sourcing
  • aggregate and normalize customer data silos
  • incorporate new strategies into every business function
  • greatly improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for customer experience programs
  • improve the understanding of call transcripts and case notes
  • better understand customer purchases to drive new sales
  • improve the management of digital reputations
  • develop marketing strategies by leveraging the forums used by consumers

The modern economy will soon become so interwoven that cross-channel analytics will be the status quo. As development occurs toward this end, it is crucial that companies remain ahead of the curve. NetBase VoC made such a splash in the marketing community for two reasons. It proved that outpacing technology is possible and makes transitioning to a new solution in a way that does not strain daily operations.

Outperforming Change

Some might think that modern businesses can only hope to survive the onslaught of emerging technologies like AI, VR, blockchain, and advanced algorithmic solutions. NetBase’s VoC shows us that much more is possible than commonly thought. It provides connectivity where there was little or none before. In addition, businesses get a better way to decipher the data that is most relevant to them. This also means that marketing campaigns are more responsive. Campaigns have the option of becoming more robust in how they interact with existing and potential consumers.

About NetBase

NetBase specializes in providing social media tools to improve analytical strategies. Few companies can come close to the reputation that NetBase has built over the years. It offers a top tier AI that enables customers to reach new levels in their business operations. NetBase services are better because of its team and the company’s dedicated solutions. This focus on analytics means that NetBase customers gain custom solutions to fit their unique needs.

NetBase Services

There are more factors than ever to account for in the modern economy. Trends occur rapidly. Consumers demand a lot from their products. A sense of personalization is often expected even before a product is purchased. All these aspects are reasons why NetBase chooses to develop around customized solutions. However, this is not easy to achieve. NetBase breaks the mold to bring chaos out of the sea of data. It does so in such a way that is profitable and eases operational demands.

Below is a list of what to expect out of NetBase services:

  • increase customer acquisition
  • reduce customer care costs
  • improve brand health
  • get more out of influencer marketing
  • targeted innovation and launching new products
  • seamless and fast crisis management

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