The paramount factor for evoking trustworthiness among your customers is having a reliable web presence. A straightforward, easy navigable will have a positive impact on over users and if their experience is good the website will be enough to coax them into making the purchase. Having transparency and good testimonials for your website along with a solid product range are common ways of gaining potential customers. But website designing is the top scorer when it comes to promotions today.

What are animated calls to actions and how to use them?

Animated calls to action can be considered as the necessary evils to web designs. The fact is that the customers are unaware about to go about it unless they are instructed on it. Also simply telling customers what should be done isn’t enough many times. Inserting stimuli all-around your web page works. Adding animation to important clicks, no matter if it is micro-mini interaction. For example, liking Facebook posts and experiencing many animations in reaction to that. A simple effect to catch the eyes of the customers allows the website to pursue actions and relay it as confirmation of purchase made. For more information about this click here.

Incorporating custom typography on a web page

Using classical text fonts such as times new roman and Arial can be playing safe but also it is boring for customers and users who visit your website. To take the message you want to speak to a different level, use customized typography that speaks for your brand completely. The typography comes in many shapes and can be used in different areas of your web page. Some brands custom typography in their brand logos, while others use it along the entirety of the web page. It is trendy and how it should be used is completely your choice.

Animations that lead to calls to action and unique typography along with personalized videos on your product range is the perfect recipe for big sales. The best way to go about promoting your business and saving time at the same time.


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