What is Digital Imaging and what are its Applications

Digital imaging is the process of creating a representation of the visual characteristic of any object; like a physical scene or any interior structure of a particular object. The term digital imaging is also used to imply certain other process and applications, which include

  • Compressing
  • Processing
  • Printing
  • Storage
  • Display

These are some of the key elements of digital imaging. Apart from these, there are various other applications of it. Today, digital imaging is used as one of the key elements in various different industries like advertisement, interior decoration and in some case; it is also used in more technical and complex operations.

Few Key Elements of Digital Imaging

In this section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the key elements of digital imaging. They are as follows

  • High performance systems, cameras and sensors
  • Ultraviolet, X-ray and infrared spectra for industrial use
  • Application in the aerospace sector, along with government and medical sector
  • Use in MEMS, or electro mechanical system.

There are also different types of image capture products which comes with high end image sensors and various types of digital cameras which are used in scientific, industrial and medical applications. There are also different types of image processing products; which comes with software and hardware for image processing in medical and industrial application.

Some of the Popular Digital Imaging Devices

There are different types of digital imaging devices which are used Here are some of the most popular ones among them.

  • Machine/Industrial Vision: With high quality resolution, sensitivity and speed; this machine is one of the most commonly used digital imaging devices to be used.
  • Healthcare Sector: There are different types of digital imaging applications which are used in the healthcare sector. Some of the most common ones are
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiography
  • Pathology
  • Radiography
  • Defense and Aerospace: Providing high-end systems and image sensors for different types of aerospace and defense applications.
  • Geospatial: With the help of highly powerful laser scanning mechanism, it is now possible to capture 3D images in the air, on the ground and also over water.
  • Scientific Applications: Different types of software, applications and cameras are used for scientific research; which include complex operations like microscopy and spectroscopy.

Apart from these, there are various different other types image processing devices which are used in multiple different types of industrial sectors. Digital imaging, over the years has evolved as one of the most effective and efficient mechanism, when it comes to offering a comprehensive view of any object; along with its cross sectioned view.

Do you want to see more on digital imaging? There are tons of information available over the internet. All you need to do is to run a search over Google, and you will be overloaded with information. Digital imaging happens to be the key to success for different types of scientific research and industrial operations. Have a look over the internet for more details on it.

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